Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #120… And The Great Garage Challenge Continues…


Welcome to our Friday Fun… Here are our fun links from around the web this week, not to mention slow progress on the dreaded garage…

  1. In remembrance of Maurice Sendak… and you know how we love those Wild Things so much!!! It wouldn’t be right not to mention the passing of Maurice Sendak this week. Publishers Weekly had an excellent post.
  2. If you don’t follow Shaun Groves then you should!!! He is among other things a blogger that writes for Compassion International. Right now he is in Tanzania and I loved this post he wrote on Simple Kids this week: Six Things Adoption Has Taught Me.
  3. How did I not now – where have I been… Apartment Therapy has a new Out Door Channel… How totally cool is that!!! Packed with great goodies and inspiration…
  4. If you aren’t on instagram… you should be!!! It is fast, it is fun and I have found it to be a wonderfully supportive community. You can find us at se7en_hoods… but don’t look for us, head straight for these guys… I know you want to: 15 best instagram accounts for food lovers from Bon Appetit. If you like good food you will love lots of these!!!
  5. And I know you need something crafty to look at… I totally loved this: Mini-viewer… on Bloesom Kids…
  6. Not to mention these totally adorable cars on Krokatak – eraser cars… Those little cars leave me so vehicle inspired… expect some sort of vehicle project really soon!!!
  7. It is time for The Magic Onion’s annual Fairy Garden Contest… Such cute fun… even if you don’t make one head for the posts that have linked up… loveliness!!! We maybe unable to resist!!!
  8. And the se7en + 1th Thing…

  9. I wrote about our hesitant start on the Great Garage Challenge last week… I got such a great response from all of you that I really had to do something. I will mention that progress is extremely slow… slower than that… But Week 2… is in progress and it is no longer a blessed thought and is requiring some action.
  10. I believe emptying it out is the place to start…


    A pile of donatables… We do not need beach chairs!!! We live at the beach – we don’t sit there!!! Anyway I did get hold of a telephone number for someone who may take everything, so I am optimistic about that…


    A pile of boxes… because the father person loves to keep the packaging and will think nothing of returning an item to a store ten years down the line… in its original packaging!!! Many boxes can be moved along to the land of recycling, simply because we no longer have the item that was once in there…

    A pile of punctured bikes… time for my kids to master the art of tyre repair… lots of it… I am hoping to have a well stacked bike rack, with road worthy bikes by the time this series is over!!!

    So it is a work in progress… Its not that nothing has happened, things are getting sorted. I guess what I don’t like about is that I want company with this project and NOBODY wants to help me!!! I know why – I am too mean!!! I want it done just so: No keeping stuff for a rainy day; if a project hasn’t been attempted in a number of YEARS… then move it on; kitchen cupboards that we never intend to mend… must be moved on. I live with a family of “just-in-case-ers.” I stand alone. Me against the garage monster. I am not the bravest adventurer… but I think when I have a pile of stuff actually gone I will feel so encouraged… today the boxes we don’t need will be flattened for recycling and on Monday I must organize to have the stuff to donate removed. Meanwhile, send ice-cream: crates of it… It is the only way I will get through this!!!

Meanwhile, I have an awesome Saturday Spot and Sunday Snippet this week… all ready and good to post… You have to come back and read them, I know you are going to love them!!! That’s us… Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

6 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #120… And The Great Garage Challenge Continues…”

  1. Bring on the Ice Cream! I’m right with you! I guess this was a bad month to begin Weight Watchers.

    I’m working on getting pictures. Yikes! There is something about facing it and all that decision-making, but we must march on!

    I have just recruited a reluctant helper who tries to amuse me by imitating the voice of John Connor in Terminator, “if you can hear this, you are the Resistance . ..”, and I hope it means that he will understand that we can never let it get this way again! If it does, then this is the only solution.

  2. Hay Angie… Thank you… Tubs of the stuff!!! By the end of the day a heap of sorting had been conquered!!! We have a huge pile to donate and another mountainous pile of boxes to squash for recycling!!! Wow and what progress your ave made… Can’t believe you started a whole blog to document it!!! Blogging is something that once you start you just can’t stop, enjoy the ride!!! And all the best with your garage and your helper!!!

  3. Lots of delicious dorset icecream (best I know) being sent virtually to you! Strength! (sounds better in Dutch – “Sterkte!”) And thanks for alerting me to the fairy gardens – perfect for the fairy/elf round I’m doing tomorrow

  4. Hay Zoe… Of course!!! Buckets of Dorset ice-cream well received!!! Hope your fairies go well!!! Have a fabulous evening!!!

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