Se7en’s Summer Reading: The Fairy Episode… Crafts, Reads and Exploring…

It has been a while since I had a little girl who was wild about fairies and since fairy parties were the order of the day… everyday!!!


But suddenly this past summer we had two small girls of just the right age: the moment between everything being just too tricky for little hands and too big for everything to be magical had to be captured!!!

So cakes of fairies…


And fairy cakes have been the order of the day…


This was the summer I knew we had to get into reading about fairies and doing fairy stuff… So we began where we always begin… with a couple of classic books…

  1. We didn’t just read the water babies, we got totally into this one and we listened to the audible book and eventually watched the movie. Walking past any puddle of water, every drip, every drop will never be the same again!!!
  2. Pookie is a small rabbit with wings… a classic bunny fairy – too sweet for words and settled in our hearts!!!
  3. Cecily Mary Barker has written simply the most captivating fairy stories… and her illustrations are so incredible, it is hard to believe that there isn’t a fairy behind every cluster of berries.
  4. We have had various books within books and collections of Flower Fairy books from the library, each week throughout the summer.
  5. Peter Pan, oh Peter Pan is a family favorite!!! You have to read the real thing… no shortened versions or cartoon will do… the real thing is magical!!!
  6. We found Betty Bib quite by accident, in the bargain bin!!! Well what a find!!! Her books are delightful collections of crafts and recipes and stories and poems and well everything fairy-ish… Delightful doesn’t even begin to cover it!!!
  7. Of course the Faraway tree because lets be honest no childhood is complete without these tales…
  8. And the se7en + 1th Books:

  9. And if you are looking for sweet and delightful fairy craftiness then you can not beat Usborne books… really!!!

A lot of fairies have been made…



But the most fun we have had after reading all these fairy books is the possibility that there is a whole world of fairies just waiting for us to discover… many a fairy walk has ensued… Armed with a little evidence in my pockets, we found traces of fairies all over the show.

Well not everywhere…

Some places, no matter how hard we looked, there was no evidence of them. Though we knew they were about…


We knew they must be at the waterfall…

Hang on… we missed something…

And what about here… did we disturb some early morning tea?

Or a meeting amongst the ferns?

Could there possibly be seaside fairies…

Definitely something was happening between the bamboo shoots…

But wait… there’s more!!!

Fairy evidence abounds…

You just need to know where to look for it!!!

Another meeting…

Had they left their Christmas decorations up?

What about here…

Hang on…

Was this a grand entrance…

Of the little variety…

And a spa!!!

Just so you know… they are everywhere!!! We definitely had a summer of fairy fun!!!

12 Replies to “Se7en’s Summer Reading: The Fairy Episode… Crafts, Reads and Exploring…”

  1. Thank you for a wonderful and exciting trip through fairyland. I had forgotten how beautiful it was. Will keep a look out for some very small visitors and invite them in for tea. I hope they bring their cups and saucers with them. I do not think I have anything so small.

  2. Hay Granny Ant!!! Oh I am sure you have some little fairy treats lurking in your cupboards!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

  3. Oh Maggy, So glad you enjoyed our Fairy post and thank you for always including our projects!!! It is definitely the season to enjoy some fairy fun!!! Hope your ave a great week!!!

  4. Hay Zoe!!! So glad you liked it!!! I so love your fairy round-up!!! And don’t faint but I have the post for your next theme ready already!!! Totally love this idea – it is very fun to gather topics!!!

  5. Hay Ren… Wooops, slow response time!!! My site has been on the blink and thank goodness for a husband who can fix things!!! No I scan not imagine many fairy cakes around your part of the world… but a classic read is a classic read!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! Nearly there!!!

  6. Hey, Hood #3 has really grown up so much! Happens here too. Love your Chagall post too. We may have to do some artists this summer. 🙂

  7. Hi Lillian, They grow so fast!!! I love them reaching new milestones and learning and living and growing up… but I sure do miss those “little people” days – it sure does fly by fast!!! My kids have loved learning about great artists over the summer and have no idea that this is school or dare I say: “Educatioanl”… it is all just life and fun!!! Which is great!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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