Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #132


  1. There’s a new book in town… Making an impression on Geninne’s Art Blog… absolutely everything to love!!!
  2. I have a little failing for Houzz… This made me think I need to add a loft to our house… We don’t really but a gal can dream!!!
  3. You have to love “Oh Happy Day” have a look at her: Party to Pretty!!!… Don’t you love the idea of a dinner party that starts at the farmers market… wonderful!!!
  4. A new movie from the Design Mom kids… Another awesome “Olive Us”!!!
  5. Totally love the Long Miles Coffee Project, you have to check out A Trip to the Zoo… Africa style!!!
  6. You know Free-Range Kids, love it!!! Here’s an Infographic not to be missed, especially if you have College bound kids!!!
  7. And if you need a delicious treat then ImagineChildhood will definitely inspire you!!!
  8. And the se7en + 1th thing…

  9. I am so excited about following the Getaway Travel Blog Conference next week… well worth taking a look at their speakers, they are hitting Cape Town right now and you are going to see lots of fun posts and tweets (@GetawayMagazine) about our trending city!!! Take a look at one of the speakers, gotta love his blog: Landlopers… What to Pack… and his photo of the week was all about se7en (bridges).

Otherwise our month of Celebrity Posts is flying along… The posts are rolling in! There are some simply brilliant posts in this series… there is a reason that these are my favorite bloggers!!!

That’s us… Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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