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It is a tradition during the month of our Blogaversary to ask a couple of our favorite bloggers for a list of Se7en + 1 “anythings…” Things they love or things they loathe!!! Best books, best blogs, things you love about blogging, best outings, best ice-cream flavors, places to visit, best foods, fun traditions, habits, kid stuff you still enjoy, summer fun, winter fun, even se7en +1 favorite words – whatever they like…

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Oh Love and Lollipops has a fabulous list: With the very icy, rainy weather we have had in Cape Town recently, it’s essential to have some great indoor ideas at hand for the kiddos.

Here are my seven plus one favourite indoor ideas for FUN:

  1. Two bats and a balloon make for a great indoor game. In fact, more than two players can easily play this one and Mommy’s breakables are safe!
  2. Bubbles in the bath.
  3. Put on some loud music and dance like crazy!
  4. Play charades, for example, guess what animal I am or what job I’m doing?
  5. For the girls – put on Mommy’s make-up (with Mommy’s permission of course).
  6. Fill a spray bottle with water and wash some inside windows (a favourite with preschoolers).
  7. Build a fort using furniture and blankets.
  8. And the Se7en + 1th…

  9. An old favourite – hide and seek 🙂

Thank you so much for having me here. It’s been a treat!

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Thank-you so much Love and Lollipops for your fun list and for joining our Celebrity Fun!!!

7 Replies to “Se7en’s Celebrities: Love and Lolipops…”

  1. Okay… I’m completely bias— Georgia is dear friend of mine… but isn’t her blog just full of artful WONDER, JOY, LOVE and CREATIVITY!!!!??? How far apart do you guys live??? Maybe one day you guys could meet for a creative lunch date– I’ll send along a flat katherine marie (like flat stanely) and I can hang out with you guys!!! ONE of these days I want us all to have a REAL day together… sharing , laughing and enjoying time!!!! you never know… :):) it’s fun to dream. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Hay KM, I love her fun blog, work, craftiness!!! We do live at furthest opposite ends of the City… We have tried to connect and I am sure we will, it is just a matter of getting one of us to the ends of the earth!!! A real day together… You may want to visit Cape Town in our summer and escape from your winter for a break… MAYBE one day!!!

  3. I know Love and Lollipops… A flat KM in an envelope… that gal has some crazy fun ideas!!! Hope you are enjoying a loooong weekend!!!

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