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It is a tradition during the month of our Blogaversary to ask a couple of our favorite bloggers for a list of Se7en + 1 “anythings…” Things they love or things they loathe!!! Best books, best blogs, things you love about blogging, best outings, best ice-cream flavors, places to visit, best foods, fun traditions, habits, kid stuff you still enjoy, summer fun, winter fun, even se7en +1 favorite words – whatever they like…

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Kate is an early childhood educator and mum of four, living on a small property in rural Victoria, Australia. Kate’s blog, Picklebums, covers topics such as; gentle parenting, gardening, activities for kids, a recipe here and the occasional free printable, as well as anything else that pops up in her crazy life!

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Seven+ 1 Things I Love About My Life, Right Now.:

  1. I love that I am still finding acorns in strange places.
  2. I love lying in bed listening to the frogs outside my window. Three different croaks means three different kinds of frogs partying outside in the puddles.
  3. I love the wisdom of a child who tells me … “The best hugs are from the people who love you most.”
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  5. I love reading the new seed catalogues and dreaming of spring planting.
  6. I love the way a good chat with a friend can change my whole perspective and lighten my load.
  7. I love it when I sneak an extra chic chip cookie, hiding in the kitchen, hoping no one catches me!
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  9. I love driving up over that last hill towards home, seeing the mountain ahead, and wondering how I got so lucky to live here.
  10. And the Se7en + 1th

  11. I DON’T love the sickness that has kept us down this winter, but I DO love the extra time it has given me to just sit and think and be…

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Thank-you so much Kate from Picklebums for your fun list and for joining our Celebrity Fun!!!

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