Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #138

It is Friday… so let’s have some fun…


Here are this weeks lovely links…

  1. You know I love Alisa Burke, well you have to take a look at her Frequently Asked Questions – being an artist… Inspiration loveliness!!! And if you need some adorable cuteness…then take a look at her darling daughter and the most incredible feather ever…
  2. I am not naturally drawn to softies… but these on Brichopas are so very adorable… you have to look!!!
  3. Wow I just love instagram… love it, (you can find us there @se7en_hoods…) but take a look at this post iPhoneography 101 on Simple Design… so many good tips packed in there and I love the printing ideas… I never get round to printing photographs but I love the idea of printing instagram photos…!!!
  4. How wonderful is this interview with on Tinkerlab… and wouldn’t you love to lose yourself here for an afternoon or a week… or a while!!!
  5. There is a new Action Pack out from Whip Up and it looks like an absolute keeper!!!
  6. And have you ever needed a blogging break Mom Crunch… Asks a heap of Top 100 Mom Bloggers “How do you unplug and take timeout from blogging?” Me, I stay away from the internet before school time… I tell you the truth our day would never begin if I went online before getting things rolling… I don’t see it as taking a break though!!! Why would I want to take a break from blogging!!!
  7. Looking for some essential-gotta-try-edibles look no further than Spatula… and they have a new print mag, which means I am going to have to buy something for a delivery… oh decisions… pondering totally indulging our celebrity chef, with an impending birthday, and his current pastry obsession, which reminds me I must post his pastry post… amazing deliciousness!!!
  8. And the se7en + 1th thing…

  9. And this was indeed the week for our blog to go traveling:

But wait… I spoke at a mom-blogger’s workshop – I know, I am not a speaker… but it was fun to talk to very new and potential bloggers and give them ideas and inspiration. And two of the mom’s there read our blog – so it was totally fabulous to meet them!!! Would I do it again – you bet I will…

Image 5

That’s us… Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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