The Week That Was – 5.10

So here we are almost mid-September…


All that was crisp and cold…


And on Tuesday we were still freezing and creeping from one patch of sun to the next… yup, that is indeed snow!!!


But Spring is coming…


And longer days and moon rises…


And on Wednesday the weather turned and we were warm… overnight… it happened overnight!!!


And all the playing that was indoors…


And wrapped in blankets…


Is slowly creeping outdoors again… I wonder if we are expecting little guests?


Finding lions in the herb garden…


And lizards having lazy lunches…

Lizards lunching!!!

And boys claiming to wash their dad’s car – but they may have been wetter than the car!!!


Not to mention super athletes… the olympics can inspire swimming in sub-zero temperatures… just saying!!!



A couple of weeks back we revived our Lesotho Garden… and the lettuces are doing what lettuces do best!!!


A little bit of school of the “draw what you see” variety…


Otherwise lazy weekends and very late breakfasts…


And games with granny…


And chess is the flavour of the moment… and a tournament with their grandfather each week… whoever said chess was a quiet game didn’t live in our house!!!


The father person has taken to eating at the Cape Town Food Truck on Thursdays, when it is in the city…


It all looks delicious and we are going to have to up our lunch game at home somewhat!!!
Image 2

The mural in the road above ours on the mountain has been watched intently as it transformed into a waterhole…

And we’ve had exotic dinners out…



This has to be the art work of the week… When I asked the kids what one thing would they love to learn this year in school, this was the unanimous answer… Food seems to be a lot on their minds lately!!!


And we have been reading… and reading and reading…


Our family bedtime read right now tonight is:


My kids could read this book every night forever… I must have read it about ten bazillion times!!!

Otherwise this is what the Hoods have been up to:

Hood #1: Is trying out new things for school and has found his way onto the 2Oceans Junior Biologists Debating Team… and he is loving it!!! Always knew that kid could talk and talk and talk…


Hood #2: Is on a Science Experiment kick…and his audience is loving it!!!


Hood #3: Has vanished into the world of Grade 5 Sonlight… and may never ever return!!!


Hood #4: Has taken on story telling…

Turns out this boy can spin a yarn… just like his father person!!!


Hood #5: Believes in copy work of a different kind as he scribes out recipe after recipe after recipe…


Hood #6:Continues to bring impressive gifts to show us!!!


Any beast will do…

Hood #7: My future blogger… has taken to early morning typing…


And baby wearing…

And the Se7en + 1th…

Hood #8: Has discovered little birds… and our hedge is full of them!!! Little people are too cute… “Hello little bird!!!”


Meanwhile as I type this the rain is coming down again – I may have been a little optimistic with the spring-shine!!! hope you all have a fabulous week!!!

6 Replies to “The Week That Was – 5.10”

  1. What a lovely post and all those very special pictures – you make me feel like I spent a little time in Fish Hoek! Hopefully more pretty (not too hot days) are coming for us Cape Townians. Take care, Georgia

  2. Hay Love and Lollipops… So excited to have some spring… the days are definitely a little bit warmer and there is a lot more basking in the sun over here!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  3. Aha – You are catching up!!! I love popping one small thing from each kidlet down so that at least it doesn’t go for weeks and months before I remember/ forget what they have been up to… Maybe one day i will make year books with our week that was posts!!!! Lots of lekker love to you all from a sunny Cape Town!!!

  4. My favourite photo is the one of you reading the kiddlets a story. Love the way they are all around you and even on top of you 😉

  5. Ha Kim, Not often a photograph of me pops onto the blog… but hay that is story time at our house most nights… and we always wake up with a couple of books too!!! Life is too short to send them all to bed, when I could have them chill out and clamber… In a couple of years it will be over and I know I will miss it!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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