Happy Birthday to the Father Person…

We love you so and wish you a million bazillion more birthdays…



I am afraid we didn’t get you a coffee machine…

And we aren’t taking you out for dinner…

But we can offer you a peaceful nap on the couch (maybe!!!)

And dozens of drawings that all say we totally love you…

Not to mention a cake by the time you get home!!!

DSC_3572 - 2012-09-08 at 16-41-41

From your biggest fan club… the whole gang!!!

6 Replies to “Happy Birthday to the Father Person…”

  1. Oh happy happy birthday to the Father Person from all of us!
    And WHO is that big man leading the fan club?
    So wonderful to see a picture of the whole gang – lots and lots of love to all!

  2. Hay Corli… Thank you and yes, these kids sure grow!!! You won’t recognise our first born when we meet again!!! Hope you guys have a super fun week!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I know you will be spoiled by all the hoods and the mother person! Have a blessed time!

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