Se7en’s Save the Rhino’s Campaign…

We live in Africa… and one of the first questions we ever get asked is “Do you have wild animals roaming the streets?” We don’t mostly… and much as we love wild animals and going on Safari our experience of the Big Five is probably like most folk in the world… what we have read in books.


We were chatting at dinner about how wonderful it would be to visit some wild African animals sometime – don’t say my kids don’t dream big – and one of them piped up: “Well we really hope that we get to see a Rhino before it is too late.” The attack on Rhino’s in our country has been unprecedented this year… So we are turning to our readers for support… and decided to help a little bit to Save the Rhino’s so that more regular kids, like ours, will get to see a real live rhino in their life time. And while we are dreaming big may the people who have worked so hard, who have given up their lives to Save the Rhino, be honoured in a way that our children’s children may get to see rhino’s too… and their children’s children.


Earlier this year I mentioned that I share a birthday with Where’s Wally…


So we are having another Book Fair to celebrate, a week of GiveAways on our blog… On Friday 21st September we have a huge “Where’s Wally GiveAway” for you all… until then we have Some Awesome Sticker Books, Reference Books… books, books, books… You have to keep coming back everyday!!!

Se7en's Book Fair004

If you contribute to our Save the Rhino fund then you will get an extra entry into the GiveAways that you enter.

It is that easy…

How it Works: It is easy to donate, just pop over to our fundraising page and donate away, no matter if you donate in Rands, Pounds, Dollars… whatever… big or small… Each time someone makes a donation we will add a rhino to the map and hopefully by the end of the month our map will be covered in rhino’s… It is up to you all!!!

If your children would like to make a picture of a rhino to stick on our map then feel free to email it over and we will add it to the pile of rhino’s to pin on the map.

I would like to say that the money in no way comes to us but goes through GivenGain to the Save The Rhino Fund. We are not making any money from this campaign at all.

6 Replies to “Se7en’s Save the Rhino’s Campaign…”

  1. I am going to donate and share this cause with my kiddos. Your rhino art work is just marvelous!!!!! I imagine you could make your very own national rhino information and art center. And that is sooo neat that you share a bday with waldo! We call him Waldo here in the states… IS Wally the Same guy?

  2. Oh Yay, Katherine Marie… and a huge thank-you!!! Yes Waldo and Wally are one and the same!!! We are going to have such fun with him this weekend… we are going to be trailing around town with a life-size model!!! It is going to be a lot of fun… Of course I will blog all about it!!! Hope you have a lovely week!!!

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