Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun – 5.15

Cannot believe how we are flying through October!!!


Here are this weeks lovely links…

  1. Announcement of the week: The amazing creative, wonderfully crafty Molly Makes is going digital, wonderful!!! And to celebrate their launch they are giving away an iPad, just saying!!!
  2. And just in case summer ever EVER EVER arrives… here is a brilliant collection of Braai Recipes on GetAway Blog…
  3. Loved this post: I’m Not Busy by Tim Challies… turns out I am not busy at all… but I have been going to bed a little earlier!!!
  4. A couple of week back I mentioned that I was reading the amazing Project-Based Homeschooling by Lori Pickert… totally not a homeschooling book… it is a parenting book. Full of ideas and tips for creating spaces and pursuing topics that intrigue your children, and enabling your children to pursue projects they are interested. Well here is a great read, an interview with the author: part 1 and part 2…
  5. This is clearly the week of books… and one of our all time favourite blogs: Imagine Childhood has a book out… thrilling news… and while you are thinking about the blog… you have to peak at their Autumn mask idea…
  6. Okay, just one more book… but if you love our monthly calendars and you love books then you will love and adore Anita Silvey’s Book a Day Almanac… well she has a book out too and it is looking fabulous!!! Here is a fabulous preview!!!
  7. Last week was the Problogger’s #PBevent in Melbourne… and I have to say it is the one time that I would get on a plane and travel the world for a blog event… somehow the whole event has grabbed me… gotta love blogging and two solid days of blogging knowledge passed on by the blogging fundis of Australian blogging. Seriously!!! It doesn’t get better than that… You can buy a virtual ticket and listen to 21 solid hours… and the blog world has been a week of incredible post #PBevent posts… I was going to give you a collection of the best – but the Problogger has done it for us in his round-up: check it out and scroll down to all the amazing posts about blogging as a result of this event – I tell you there is lots of lovely and inspiring stuff in there.
  8. And the se7en + 1th thing…

  9. Well it is nearly November and the Father Person keeps reminding me that it is almost NaNoWriMo month… and I talk about it every November, till he is quite sick of it… how I didn’t sign up but I should have. Not that I could write a novel, but I would love to write something!!! Well forget about me… did you know there is a kids version!!! (thanks Luke at Sonlight for letting me know!!!)… I am wondering if I can’t get my kids to play along!!!

That’s us… Hope you have some fun plans for your weekend!!!

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  1. My son will be quite beside himself at the thought of a Book a Day! Thanks for letting me know that this book exists!

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