Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #144

October is drawing to an end… Already!!!


Here are this weeks lovely links…

  1. The second week of the lovely, awesome, stunning, creative Pip of Meet Me at Mike’s blog school is up…
  2. Oh Katherine Marie and her monsters kits, I don’t have anything to add… just totally darling!!!
  3. My girls love and adore paper dolls… take a look at the lovely Cup cakes for Clara Competition!!! It has been a designer’s dream over here…
  4. Oh my heart, would you look at these adorable instagram books Are you on instagram? You can follow us @se7en_hoods
  5. Would you look at this beautiful post on Family Your Way: Leave a Legacy of Letters… I love the idea of writing to my kids, but honestly I can never think what they would want to know twenty years from now… or twenty years after that!!! Well here’s a great list to get inspired by!!!
  6. Talking of beautiful posts… this one: “Vignettes of My Other Grandparents” on Grace Looking Back, stopped me in my tracks. What sort of grandparent will I be? Honestly, not the sort of thing I think about much… But the last fifteen years of parenting have flown so fast and I have a feeling that the next fifteen aren’t slowing down for me to catch up. I am afraid I am going to be all about play-do and picture books… this post makes me want to raise my game significantly!!!
  7. So thrilled that we are not the only family in the world that has never ever managed a reward chart… and it isn’t just because I am too lazy to remember stick on the stickers…Picklebums doesn’t manage it either!!!
  8. And the se7en + 1th thing…

  9. You so wish you could attend a big blog conference… well this weekend is #Allume, lots of lovely wisdom and blogging fun over there… Click on the link – you can follow everything there – scroll down – even the keynotes are there, it is going to be fabulous to follow along.

And before your weekend gets away with you… We would love you to click on this link and enter our Fabulous Freshline Spar Giveaway… We have a great big picnic prize for you…


That’s us… Hope you have some fun plans for your weekend!!!

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