Summertime… Let’s Take the Whole Week Off…

The father person is taking the week off work and we are doing the same… This is a man who works 24/7 year in and year out and we are all so excited to have him home!!! So no school, no screens, no email, not a lot of internet (well a little twitter and a little instagram)… but for the most part we are taking the week off…


We are armed with new slip slops and doing some Summer… We will be back next week… with your December calendar… ready to plot and plan your month ahead… Meanwhile we will be very busy with… a stack of library books, a couples of games, a hike in the mountains, late breakfasts… and naps… lots of naps!!!

And I am going to leave you with a fabulous post full of links and heaps to read… it is on the way…

13 Replies to “Summertime… Let’s Take the Whole Week Off…”

  1. What a smart husband you have to take the week off! I have to beg my husband to do that once in a while!
    Enjoy your downtime! Hopefully you will be recharged soon!
    Take care, Willemijn

  2. Hello Seven+1, How are you? I haven’t commented in a while but read your posts religiously!!! Love reading all about what you have been up to – always something exciting. I hope you have a wonderful week off – and hope you get to have lots of naps!!! A special week it will be with the Father person on leave 🙂 Enjoy it and looking forward to reading what you all got up to. x

  3. Sue… How lovely to hear from you… lovely – I’ve missed you!!! To be sure I will share what we have been up to – probably not a whole lot though, next week!! Lots of lekker love to you and your family!!!

  4. Hay Corli… Everyone loves their summer slops!!! And there is click, clap around the house as they step around enjoying the feel of them!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful fun week! We took a week off recently because it was finally cool enough to go outside! That’s what happens when you live in the desert.

  6. Such an adorable vacation photo!!!!!! You deserve a vacation! Hope it was marvelous!!!!!

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