Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #149

December is creeping by and summer has arrived… along with afternoons lingering beside the pool watching kids swim!!!


I have a heap of links this weeks… and it is going to kill me to just show you Se7en + 1!!!

    Jolly Cookathon001

  1. A couple of weeks back we entered the Jolly Cookathon… and made it into the top ten… how totally cool is that… Little people have their eye on the front gate… eagerly awaiting a delivery from our friends at Yuppie Chef!!!
  2. Oh if you love clever storage and collections… then you will love this post: Packed with kiddable collections cleverly displayed…
  3. This is extremely clever and kudos to the couple that thought this through in advance: Extremely clever pregnancy pics!!!
  4. If you are looking for inspiring mom-bloggers to follow then look no further: Earlymama had a gathering of fabulous mom bloggers this week.
  5. If you feel a need to go window shopping then look no further than the brilliant Imagine childhood… holiday guide… really you have to take a look it is packed with dreamy stuff!!!
  6. You have to know how I have enjoyed Alisa Burke’s art courses and would you look at this, she has a couple of new ones… and I am definitely saving some dollars for these: Alisa Burke’s new courses to die for!!!
  7. And our friends Whip Up in Australia are off on a year long family adventure… you have to read about it and take a look at her Camping and Cooking post this week… Just how fun is that!!!
  8. And the se7en + 1th thing:

  9. Totally thrilled that our calendar made it on to the Crafty Crow this week and Kidstylefile!!!

And would you believe it… our Sketchbook finally arrived and we will be embarking on our third sketchbook project in a row… just don’t let me leave it until the last day like last year!!! The sketchbook project is just our best art project that we do as a family each year. You can click on the covers and step right in if you would like to take a peek…

Sketchbook 2012: A Companion Book


Sketchbook 2011: A Day in the Life…

This little book describes a day in the life of a family with se7en + 1 kids… maybe not all the laundry and dirty dishes you might think!!! You really do want to click on the cover and step inside and see what we get up to!!!


And finally a confession: After eight weeks of consecutive Chicken Poxes and a week away in the country to recover meant that our postage pile in the front hall was alarming. I am sorry for the delay but it was just impossible to get to the post office. We have posted a huge pile of GiveAway winners this week… your packages are now stuck in the Christmas postage rush and we hope they are winding their way to you as fast as they can. Meanwhile I have a box of fifty postcards ready to post, who knew we would be hit by a speckled plague within the week of announcing our swap… To make matters worse suddenly postcards have to be stamped individually at a counter… the glaring eyes in the queue behind us and the amount of packages we had already posted and I completely lost my nerve… But your packages, all but the very latest GiveAways are on their way… winding their way across the airways to you. The postcards I intend to send in clusters over the next week or two… sending my kids on postal errands is a major highlight of their day!!! So your goodies are all on the way and you should start receiving postcards and packages from us shortly.

That’s us… Hope you are having the most brilliant weekend!!!

2 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #149”

  1. I am so sorry that you get glaring eyes at the post office… if ONLY they knew how much love and JOY you spread to ALL they would look at you guys with such love and admiration. I hope you guys are 100 percent all recovered and feeling 100 percent fantastic!!!! and I do know the feeling at the post office… trust me I DO!!! :):) we can think of each other at the post and send love and smiles through the miles!

  2. Katherine-Maire… I really don’t mind queuing in the post office, a moment of rest in the day!!! But it seems to send some folks right through the roof!!! And I am guessing eight kids isn’t helping them either!!! For me there is nothing more satisfying than saying – posted!!!! Lots of lovely love from the far side of the world!!!

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