Se7en + 1 Gifts Siblings Can Make for Each Other…

This is a traditional Merry Christmas post!!! Christmas is laziest day of the year for us… church, naps, swimming, and possibly our most important tradition the exchanging of sibling gifts… This is a project that they think about and work on for ages before Christmas… All the names are popped into a hat and everyone picks one sibling to make a gift for another sibling.


Previous siblings gift posts:

And this years gifts:


  • Hood #1: Is mad about drawing and collects Lyra pencils, so for him a pencil roll… a really easy sewing project for a beginner sewer. In fact when everyone saw this gift they all wanted one – we may have to start a mini-industry!!!



  • Hood #2: Loves making lists and writing about his latest and coolest inventions… he received a notebook with a special envelop for gathering facts.


  • Hood #3: Loves drawing on her bed, so a really sturdy box was turned into a “Design Studio.” A splash of paint and it was transformed into a desk for keeping all her designing goodies and sturdy enough to work on.


  • Hood #4: Some hat hooks for the hat collecter… a little sister was going to hammer some nails into these planks that she had painted, but instead her dad helped her use real power tools to make these cool hooks.


  • Hood #5: The littlest brother began this project ages ago for is chef brother… gathering herb leaves and pressing them… to make a collection of herb cards for the celebratory chef… very handy when a recipe asks for a herb you can dash out and get the correct herb. And a project he can easily add to.


  • Hood #6: This little gal has her heart set on a camera and her big brother made a camera t-shirt for her!!!


  • Hood #7: This looks like a box with a necklace… but actually it is a house for a mouse!!!


    And the se7en + 1th gift…


  • Hood #8: Once a pirate always a pirate… an older brother made a him a bag filled with gold coins… and the gold coins are actually a matching game…

That’s us… Hope you are all having a wonderfully relaxed Christmas…

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  1. Thanks Steph… Your kids just get cuter and cuter!!! Thrilled you stopped by… can’t believe you are all on the move again – how exciting, can’t wait to read all about it!!! Lots of love!!!

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