Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #157

Just saying I can’t believe it is February again so soon… and the world of glittery hearty arty projects is about to envelop our kitchen table again!!! Our calendar is printed out, coloured in and on the noticeboard… there is a lot to celebrate in February!!!


Here are some lovely links from this week:

  1. Little Pink Bird Seed Houses on Imagine Childhood… if you look at nothing else then look at this – totally adorable and doable!!!
  2. Totally love Tools of the Trade on Handmade Charlotte. Gorgeous designer, stunning, … drawing tools. I could go on!!!
  3. IMG_2874

    Photo Credit: Emma Bradshaw of Bradshaw and Sons

  4. This is a quick and easy fun project to join in: Den Building Week on Bradshaw and Sons… We have joined up before and I am sure in the next fortnight we will have a fort in our house worth a picture!!!
  5. A really easy way to give your kids super-powers: The Thing Dad’s Can Do in 30 Minutes a Week That Will Drastically Improve Their Kids Education.
  6. You know how I love maps… Well these cushions are totally stunning… spotted on Bloesom:Kids this week… d
  7. And if you need some sweet printable flower fairies this weekend… then head over to Moodkids, they are waiting for you!!!
  8. Supernova magazine Issue 8 competition

  9. We recently reviewed a fabulous magazine for kids called: Super Nova and they have an incredible competition running right now… You have to be under eighteen, you have to go on a virtual quest and answer a couple of question… it is a challenge but the reward of real live gold coins… may well be worth it!!!
  10. And the se7en + 1th link:

  11. A Blast From the Past: I thought it was time to add a new feature to our Friday posts and add some links to posts from previous years…a post from this week in previous years:

Don’t Forget to be thinking about World Book Giving Day: Here’s a long list of favourite books by the planning team…

And that’s us – hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!!

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