Saturday Spot: I Thought You Might Like A Library Update…

I thought you might like to see how the library that you all helped to create is getting on… And for those of you that are new to our blog we recently had a book drive with our readers to help to create a library in a rural township school. Readers from around the world sent books to the school… we had a wonderful and overwhelming response. Books flooded in from everywhere. And so began a project, just one small step to crossing the divide that continues to exist in our country.

You Built This Library Book By Book

Image 1

Often we wonder what becomes of the the things we donate and I know for a lot of you… it wasn’t just sharing books around the corner… many of you went the extra mile and went to great lengths to send books… books that were special to you as young children and books that your children have loved. Books came from all over the world to this little library and I am thrilled to announce that it is all finally coming together…

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Yesterday a local scout group came together to help paint and get bookshelves up and get the library room into shape… they painted and helped by working in the playground, making the swings safe with new ropes and completing the sandpit…

Image 5

Two of the folk helping have been part of a local volunteer group, who are on a learnership programme through the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. They have been helping to maintain the gardens and playground, they both have young children that will be attending the school in the future. So they were especially excited to help with the new library!!!


Folks, these are not even half the books that were sent in… And the community is working their way through completing the project. Next month another volunteer group will arrive… They have half the room and the floor to paint still and the next lot of bookshelves will be ready to be painted for all the other books to go onto…

Here is a Quick Overview of the Library Project

Library Room 2
This is how the library began

These are the books that arrived.

So thank you to all of you have helped for making a big difference in the lives of these young children…


A few books now…


Will make the most enormous difference… years from now…


We will keep you posted and continue to show you updates on the library project…

Thank you for the books pic 1

Honestly I can’t thank you all enough for helping us with this project… so here is just a small “Thank you” from the “Se7en + 1” a gang!!!

6 Replies to “Saturday Spot: I Thought You Might Like A Library Update…”

  1. Wow – what a great job! They’ve made so much progress – it’s looking wonderful, and is really taking shape. Can’t wait to see what the next volunteer group achieves.

    Well done everyone!!

  2. Hay Zoe, Isn’t it brilliant… it is turning into a real live library. Slow and steady… book by book and week by week progress is beng made!!! I am so thrilled that our readers were able to do this!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

  3. Isn’t it Brilliant Emma@MyBookCorner… I am way beyond thrilled with what our readers have achieved!!! hope you have the most fabulous week!!!

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