For Kathreen…

I was absolutely devastated to hear of the awful accident and the loss of my friend Kathreen and her husband, at WhipUp. Good friends, we swapped posts from time to time and emailed frequently. Our daughters are friends across the ocean. Honestly I am so deeply sad and do not have words to say. Only that have I have to take a little break from the internet and all that it offers and I am spending the weekend pottering and planting.

My heart has been warmed by the love shared with crafty bloggers around the world, and how many friends we shared without even knowing it. Often our internet friends are our best friends. We may be separated by continents, we may be separated by oceans… but really we are only a keyboard away. I value my blogging friends so much, wherever they are. I think it is safe to say that Kathreen, is leaving a legacy of brave and adventurous ideas, and as a community we are going to miss her sorely.

The children are so on my heart, their year of adventure, traveling around Australia as a family has been cut short… in a horrible and devastating way and my prayers go out to them. A trust fund has been set up for her children, who are staying with their grandparents and if you would like to support them then the information is available here.

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  1. sending you love, friend. kathreen was such a great person, and this tragedy has been so shocking. love to your daughter as well. xoxoxo

  2. Thank you , Katja, you are too kind!!! Yes it is a terrible thing to have happened and we are so far away… We have written and hope that the post doesn’t take forever. Thank you for asking.

  3. So much love and prayers going out to this family… Internet friends are real friends… I am so sorry for your unthinkable loss…

  4. Oh no! That’s anyone’s worst nightmare… 🙁 What happened to these poor people?? So sorry to hear about your friend.

  5. Thank you Katherine… So true… my heart is scattered all over the world in the best kind of ways with the best kind of friends and I know we will all meet together one day. It is indeed an unthinkable loss.

  6. Hi Anel, I don’t think we will ever know exactly what happened to them, but it really was a horrible thing for their children to witness and be caught up in. Their young lives will never be young again and honestly my heart breaks for their loss.

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