Se7en + 1 Quick Notes from the ProBlogger’s Q&A Webinar…

The Problogger has a series of webinars that he creates for his readers from time to time. If you are interested in learning more about blogging then do not do anything else until you have signed up to find out about future webinars. It has been a while since his last one and I was so looking forward to his Question and Answer session this evening…

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  1. Beginner Blogger Questions:
  2. Consider your reader profiles… who is reading your blog or who would you like to read your blog… write for them. Initially blogging frequently, even daily posts – develops your voice and builds your archives gives you an established voice. Improve your writing style by asking your readers for help because that is engaging and they will enjoy the journey with you. What about SEO… use a good SEO plugin and find out how to use keywords. That being said – the best SEO is serving your readers well, because then they will share your content.

  3. Where do you Find New Readers:
  4. Look for your readers where they might be online… which social media do your readers engage in: Twitter, Facebook and so on… Even Pinterest, where a lot of our blog readers come from. Sharing useful information on these platforms will introduce and engage you to new readers. Write about what you know… it just makes sense!!!

  5. Controversy vs Compelling Content:
  6. Controversy does create readers and provides an opportunity for readers to engage, but is not sustainable. Eventually you will tire of the squabbling and inevitable snarky comments. Tutorials are easier to sustain… solving folks problems and teaching is for most people fairly compelling. Reporting on news and events is one thing… Adding your opinion and personality into how you interpret the news is really compelling – it is really your ideas that set you apart as a writer and makes folks want to read your blog.

  7. For a Beginner Blogger, What is more important: Layout vs. Structure vs. Content.
  8. Honesty, you can change the aesthetics later, it is far better to get your content going… Naturally you want your blog to look good and appeal to your readers, but it is fairly easy to change the look of your blog later.

  9. What Topics to Write About on a Business Blog?
  10. I have been asked this question before… so I really needed to hear the answer to this one, especially since I am not a business blogger: Answer your clients questions, slowly but surely provide them with a F.A.Q. This really is how I blog too – answer questions, it is a great source of posts that you know readers want to read. Also, review your products, yours and the competition… acknowledging the competition instills trust and integrity with your readers. They gave a good example of a company that that does this well Carryology. Don’t go there if you have a passion for bags, you have been warned. I only have one pinboard for bags – but I may have to pin a lot of things from this site onto it!!!

  11. When to Move from Adsense to Real Ads on your Site.
  12. I so needed to hear them chat about this one… every month I say this is the month to set up ads… really it is time!!! I liked what they had to say about Adsense ads… yes you will earn a slow and steady trickle of income, but they make it difficult to attract other ads and they often are not appropriate or inviting for your readers. Reselling ads on adsense means that you have little to no control over the ads that your readers see when they look at your site. I know I cringe every time I see a belly fat ad and for that reason won’t have them on my site. For direct advertisers you need to build traffic and then, not surprisingly, you have to approach those advertisers directly… hence the name!!!

  13. Se7en Quick E-Book Questions:
    1. How do you choose a topic for an e-book? A topic that is valuable to your readers, not necessarily a niche topic, which can be limiting, but something that your readers really want to know more about. In other words, write the book that your readers want to read, rather than the book that you might want to write!!! Give your readers a tangible and achievable goal, those have been their most successful E-books.
    2. How do you write an E-Book? Find a writing buddy, someone you have to be accountable too – that will surely help you to achieve an outcome.
    3. How do you actually write an e-book? You can use Evernote and create an outline… then fill it in. If you get stuck on a section then you can just move on to the next section and come back to the section you were stuck on. An outline makes marketing so much easier as well as helps you to stay focused on your topic and address the question you have been asked.
    4. Can You Use Previous Content from your Blog? Yes, you need to update, refresh and co-ordinate it. Readers are willing to pay for the improved content and are eager to support a blogger.
    5. How do you launch an e-book: Don’t think about a Launch Day, rather think about a launch month. Prepare your strategy beforehand and then launch over a period of time – giving your readers a chance to familiarise themselves with the topic. A longer time period gives your readers more chance to engage and participate in the event, before they actually buy your e-book.
    6. What about a Sales Page: This page is not so much about the content of the e-book, but rather strong call to action, you need your readers to follow up with some sort of action.
    7. What about a Freebie: Think about your future intentions, if you do provide a free e-book, will your readers be willing to pay for more e-books down the line. You may want to provide a e-newsletter instead.

    And the Se7en + 1th Question:

  14. Well suddenly the hour was up and there was a technical glitch… A webinar answering the remaining questions is promised for the near future. Not to mention a webinar dedicated to e-books, since so many questions were asked about them!!! So if you enjoyed what you read and you want to learn more about topics like this then… sign up for the Problogger’s free webninars.

Once again a million thanks to the Problogger and to his co-hosts this evening… here is a link to the recording of the webinar, as well as the show notes. As usual with blogging there is just so much to learn and so little time!!!

I need to add that I stay up nearly all night to listen in and I rave about the Poblogger’s webinars because they are fabulous and they are a quick and easy way to learn a heap of blogging information that I believe our readers would find useful. I am not paid to write these posts and the opinions I express are entirely my own.

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  1. Sounds like it was pretty awesome 🙂 I’m in the same time zone but like to sleep in so, er, may have missed it. Sounds like their webinar strategy is pretty awesome and they actively listen to reader feedback. Cool!

  2. Jade Craven… You just made my day!!! Thank you so much for stopping by… I am so thrilled, you have no idea!!! Er… there has been just a little sleeping in over here this morning, as I grasp my coffee to recover… and I predict an afternoon nap as well!!! These webinars are so fab and really an injection of information and inspiration!!! Hope you have a fabulous rest of the week and thanks so much for taking the time to comment!!!

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