Sometimes… You Just Want to Doodle With Plasticine…

I always, always forget how my kids really love this stuff… we can get it at the Supermarket for nearly nothing and everyone loves it!!!

But with this on the table we are all able to listen away to heaps of audible books… So many folks have suggested LEGO, honestly eight kids playing with LEGO is not a quiet occupation at all!!! Recently, we have powered our way through the Railway children, The Belgian Twins, The Velveteen Rabbit, A Little Princess (again and again), My Father’s Dragon… Finally after years and years of trying to listen to audible books, it took a fairly dreadful winter and plasticine, and at last we have managed it!!!





The Gallery

Hood #1

Hood #2

Hood #3

Hood #4

Hood #5

Hood #6

Hood #7

Hood #8

That’s us, hope you are a good week and if anyone knows of a fabulous audio version for the Hobbit… we are looking for one and I can’t find a great complete unabridged full length Hobbit…

13 Replies to “Sometimes… You Just Want to Doodle With Plasticine…”

  1. Oh, great idea to use plasticine that way. I agree with you about the Lego – way too much noise. Plasticine is silent even when you shake it or bang it together 🙂 I love the pictures and models your kids made. I must go and invest in more of that stuff.

  2. Hey Se7en,

    Your kids are so creative-I especially love Hood #3’s plump little birds! Precious!

    I’m going to try your idea-we tend to get sleepy when listening to audio books…even in the middle of the day! Next time, I’m getting the art supplies out! Brilliant! Thank you!

  3. Hay LindaOz.. Isn’t it brilliant!!! LEGO is way way too noisy!!! But this is fun, they were actually self-portraits, but they became quite creative!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

  4. Great tcmullinax!!! We have had a lot of fun with this!!! Art supplies work well for listening!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

  5. Rob Inglis does an amazing audio reading of the Hobbit. We have listened to it more than once as a family. He does amazing voices and even sings the songs!!!

  6. Caitlin, Thank you so very much!!! I am off to take a look for it right now – so appreciate your comment!!! Have a great week!!!

  7. Lego is noisy. Looking at those little colourful bricks, you would never think it. Your gallery is very impressive. Such a great creative toy.

  8. Thanks Cheryl, So glad you enjoyed it – we sure had fun creating!!! I wish that I had figured this truly quiet activity out years ago, listening to audio books has become a great pleasure for all of us!!! Lots of love from Cape Town!!!

  9. I agree Caitlyn, we have just got the first part of the unabridged Hobbit read by Rob Inglis. Going to have to get the 2nd part soon! iTunes purchase.

  10. My brother would recommend the version by Rob Inglis. Just search for “hobbit unabridged audio” via google or whatever search engine you use. Youtube might even have a sample for you. Wes (my brother) listens to that and the LoTR audio version all the time! Have you tried Classic tales podcast btw with bj harrison? Some more grown up tales but he just finished reading Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland and Oz and also call of the Wild. Excellent reader. Do you get your audio books from your library? They can be super expensive otherwise.

  11. Thanks PenWriter for the tips!!! We don’t actually buy our audiobooks, we use a free app to listen to our audio books – mostly classics, called Audiobooks. The app turns librivox books into one read-right-through book. You get what you pay for and some readings are great and some aren’t… We listen to the great ones and leave the rest!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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