Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #192…

Suddenly it is almost Mid-October, and a we had three whole days of warm sunshine… between the vegetable garden over run with poppies…


And actual swimming…


We became really excited that summer had arrived. I take it back after spending this afternoon on the couch with a pile of kids and books, under duvet’s reading as the rain poured down.


I had a fabulous surprise this week when Fair Lady Magazine posted their Favourite Ten Pinners from all over the world… And there was our very own Pinterest Account!!! Head on over to Fair Lady to find some great pinners to follow!!!

Here are this weeks lovely links…

  1. Now there is yarn bombing and then their is Attic 24… you have to look at this colourful wonderfulness!!!
  2. A Katherine Marie’s “Monsters on Parade…” so incredibly cute…
  3. And just supposing that you are looking for a brilliant project to do this weekend then look no further than the stunning Beautiful Mess: 30 Renter’s DIYS…
  4. You have to look at this incredible dressing up: Art History Mom… Oh what a find: DIY Art History-Inspired Halloween Costumes!
  5. Krokatak… amazing craftiness… never ceases to amaze me!!!
  6. The 3 Biggest Kid Photography Mistakes on Digital Photography School This Week… and I have made exactly all of them!!!
  7. And for those of you who will be chopping pumpkins over the next couple of weeks… Alpha Mom could have one of the most fab pumpkin projects that I have ever seen…
  8. And the se7en + 1th link:

  9. A Blast From the Past:

And one more thing…

I’ve been stepping out of my non-fiction “haven’t got longer than five minutes at a stretch” self and I have been joining my kids on the couch after lunch and devouring books of all shapes and sizes… it is time to take a time out and escape a little. This afternoon I powered my way through Gregg Hurwitz, Tell no Lies: Talk about the great escape from laundry and dishes and chores… this is one exciting read. No, I don’t always read a book, in a sitting on a rainy afternoon, but this was one of those “un-put-downables…”

Here’s the story: Daniel Brasher is a councillor and married to Cristina. They both work on projects, where there ideas could create long-term enemies. He councils ex-cons three nights a week, they are a very rough bunch and he is constantly on edge with them. His wife is involved in the property rights of the poor and the fight for the underdog is an ever present part of her life.

One evening after work he collects his mail from his pigeon hole, which is somehow the office dumping ground for all unwanted mail. He discovers a letter he thought was addressed to himself, was actually a death threat and addressed to somebody else. He and his wife call the police and discover that they are too late. He becomes involved in the case from the start, trying to help the police every step of the way. He looks further into his mail pile and discovers more letters… more death threats. Each time he and the police are moments too late to rescue the victim. And then he receives his own letter. Before he received his letter I couldn’t put it down and after that – well… it is definitely one of those: read on, read on, read on… books.

Daniel comes face to face with the masked murderer more than once… but there are so many variables and so many leads to follow – is it someone from his counselling group, is it someone his wife has crossed in her career or could it be her estranged ex-husband? As they try and figure out all the nuances and who could be responsible, the game plan continuously goes “up a notch” as they are racing against time and specifically the time on his personal letter.

This is a great read if you are looking for a break from your usual run-of-the-mill day…

I received this book from Penguin Books South Africa, in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid in any way for the review and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

That’s us… Hope you all have had the most fabulous weekend!!!

3 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #192…”

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing Art History Mom’s Halloween costumes. How exciting to have a virtual friend from South Africa, a place I’ve always wanted to visit. I look forward to following along with you and your beautiful children.

  2. Hi Kristen, I was so excited to discover your blog, lots of fabulous resources in there… what a great work, loved it!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you have a fabulous week!!!

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