Saturday Spot: African Penguin Appreciation Day

So yesterday was African Penguin Appreciation Day… and we headed for the Two Oceans Aquarium to celebrate. We have a penguin lover… I am not sure if you can tell who loves penguins amongst us…


We were all ready for another penguin waddle… and it began to pour with rain, which means we were invited to a talk about the penguins in the Sappi River Meander Hall instead.


And there were the penguins out on parade… Did you know: African penguins are an indicator species? That means that they are particularly vulnerable to local environmental changes. An indicator species acts as an early warning to scientists of an environmental problem in a particular area. The numbers of African Penguins are diminishing to the point where they could be extinct, in the wild, in the next fifteen years. What can we do … live a little greener.


Some of us might have been a little distracted by this very busy oyster catcher…


And most of our kids have never actually been to the aquarium before… on our way out they got their first look at the huge display tanks…


Awe and wonder does not begin to describe… Their first trip under the ocean, a peak in the kelp tank…


Wonderment at the clown fish…


But there were certain little folk, who didn’t realise that sea horses were real… they were right up there with mythical creatures like elves and fairies!!! Well I think after Saturday they will be rethinking their reality!!!


Really the aquarium is a fantastic place to visit and if you ever get the opportunity to go there then grab it with both hands. There is always something fun going on there and incredible and amazing things to discover.

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  1. What a big fish tank?!I am always amazed by the fact, that this big fishes are swimming under my feet when i am in the water…we do not realize that when we swim, but when we see them in the tank, we just connect the facts that we are using their living space for our swim joy…As said above : just FANTASTIC!!!

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