Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #202

Summer all the way, with a large dose of Christmas fun thrown in… fun times!!!


With a large dose of Christmas fun thrown in… fun times!!!


Here are some lovely links from this week:

  1. I just love these bright funky sewing projects… on Brichopas About Toys…
  2. My kids share rooms, they always have and they always will… I don’t think I will be showing them the fabulous rooms on Handmade Charlotte this week!!!
  3. There are so many favourite book series in our house… here’s a fun post from Huffington Post: What Your Favourite Children’s Book Series says about you…
  4. If you do nothing else this weekend… why don’t you draw a KitchenAid… Yuppie Chef’s month of GiveAways and treats has been spectacular!!!
  5. And even from the midst of a hot Cape Town summer… this: toasted marshmallow cream hot chocolate… on How sweet it is, looks really fine!!!
  6. What I Wish I Knew the First Time I Picked Up My DSLR… on Life Your Way – a fab post full of great resources for myself and other “digitally photographically challenged or in training amongst us!!!
  7. Here’s a fun post filled with things to do and learn… from the ever resourceful and talented Alisa Burke.
  8. And the se7en + 1th link:

  9. A Blast From the Past: And here are a couple of links to posts, this week, from previous years:

That’s us, hope you are having a fun and fabulous weekend!!!

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