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Se7en Summer T-Shirts, Bleach-Shirts…

December 24th, 2010 · 9 Comments

So this week was mid-summer… and we have a tradition of making mid-summer t-shirts… in the past we have stenciled amazing aliens and made the coolest tie dye tees, actually tie dye everything (The Ultimate Guide)!!! So this years t-shirts were so easy as to be unbelievable, and we made a a whole batch!!!


All you need is a colored t-shirt and a little bleach… We popped an old towel into the t-shirt, so that the bleach doesn’t run through to the back fabric…


Here is a shirt “packed” and ready…


All you do is paint on the bleach wherever you want a pattern and then leave it to stand a few minutes and you will see the bleach do its work…


Once you have left it to dry your pattern will jump right out!!!


They don’t always change to white… it is a bit of a mystery what color will appear!!!


Once the bleach was dry we popped the t-shirts into the washer and hung them out to dry… That easy and ready to wear within an hour of starting the project!!!

And if you really don’t want to use bleach we painted dye directly onto some white t-shirts for a similar effect.


Happy summer, happy holidays!!!

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