Se7en Steps to Creating a Desk Calendar…

It is definitely the season to be thinking about refreshing our noticeboards and putting up fresh calendars… We have been making mini-desk calendars, they are fun and really quick to make…


Creating a Desk Calendar

  1. Gather up your materials: A small box, we have used tea boxes, some funky card and blank index cards, that are available at most stationary stores.
  2. se7en-30-Dec-13-DSC_0036.jpg

  3. Snip the top off your small box…
  4. se7en-30-Dec-13-DSC_0039.jpg“/>

  5. Trim your brightly coloured card to the same width as your index cards and slightly longer than your index cards… you are going to need at least twelve, one for each month of the year… and maybe a couple more if you think of a few extra categories that you might want to add to your box later.
  6. se7en-30-Dec-13-DSC_0041.jpg

  7. Either mark your cards with the months of the year or write the months on little stickers as we did, when the card was too colourful to write on!!!
  8. se7en-30-Dec-13-DSC_0044.jpg

  9. Pop the months onto each of the bright cards.
  10. se7en-30-Dec-13-DSC_0048.jpg

  11. On your index cards write the numbers for days of the week for each month… you could use a card a day, or a card a week… whichever works for you. Just keep in mind:
  12. Thirty days has September, April, June and November…

    All the rest have thirty one, except of course for February…

    Which has twenty-eight days clear except in a leap year.


  13. Pop your index cards and your monthly markers into your box and you are good to go…
  14. se7en-26-Dec-13-IMG_1045.jpg

  15. Start adding in birthdays and special occasions, appointments and important dates that are coming up.


You could also use it was a “line a day diary” ask any of my beginner writers… a page a day is overwhelming, but a line a day is something to look forward too. One of the gang wanted to use their calendar as a “word a day” diary, another one wants to keep it for collecting little scraps and treasures… and one is keeping it as a list of books they read through out the year. The possibilities are endless, really!!!


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  1. i do not know why i can not see the photos on this post, but from reading it seems something great!

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