The Week That Was… #6.29

So January just quietly flew by. Really it did. And since our last “Week that Was Post” our weather tree has filled the brim…


And a bland/brand new tree up and ready to colour.


Endless glorious sunny days. And swimming… night and day…


Who needs air to breathe, when it is hot, hot, hot…


And patient big siblings and endless flying…


And then a surprising week of storminess…


And all my kids running around screaming “rain”… Don’t ask me why, but the one thing that sends my kids into a panic is rain. They can handle snakes and baboons, sharks and all sorts of wild craziness but every drop of rain earns a shout. Heaven help us if they ever encounter snow!!!


Lego days…


Lego on skateboards, that’s just how it is done…



And did hours spent dressing up Lego characters with paper cloaks, wings, hats and things…

se7en-02-Jan-14-IMG_1245.jpg se7en-02-Jan-14-IMG_1239.jpg se7en-02-Jan-14-IMG_1237.jpg se7en-02-Jan-14-IMG_1236.jpg se7en-02-Jan-14-IMG_1235.jpg


And a galactic gardening frenzy as we hack our way to rediscover the garden that was…


And plenty of playing in the park…


Because my kids can’t get enough of these…


And it has been hot enough for ice-pops every single day…


And patience… everyone is play patience… really… in real life the cards are slapping on the table at every available chance…


And a sewing frenzy… inspired by our Christmas makings…


Tons of beach days…


And castles…


se7en-10-Jan-14-IMG_1471.jpg se7en-10-Jan-14-DSC_0182.jpg

Many family feasts under the stars, it doesn’t look like the best photo but I love it. A real “life and times”… all my fave people and a typical summer evening dinner…


And friends over for pizza nights…


And plenty of visitors – all kinds of visitors…


In fact hoards of visitors…


And late lazy breakfasts…


And friendly breakfasts too…


Interesting outings to the castle…


And teddy bears ready for bed…


And another giant book sort… and someone happy to read to me and keep me company!!!


And the Book of the Week

I don’t know why but we have never read the complete collection before. This book is a classic for all the right reasons – so many different levels to enjoy it on!!!

The Artwork of the week has to be


And This is What the Hoods have been up to:

Hood #1: Well Tolkein… of course, and spring high-tide…



Hood #2: Beach cricket…


Hood #3: Got me walking at the crack of dawn in the Pick ‘n Pay Women’s Walk… all in aid of the fight against cancer… I predict a growing a collection of pink t-shirts!!!


Hood #4: Well just hanging around in the most energetic kind of way….


Hood #5: Cannot resist exploring a kitchen, even a really old one!!!


Hood #6: Has discovered fabric arts in a major way… really crazy creative fun – so many many many bags are being whipped up!!!


Hood #7: Well this little person has been seeking shady spots and crating places to read a good book.


Hood #8: Well he is who he is… so many firsts…


First invitation to a party, so many BEST friends that best friended him back… because all his friends are very best friends, first ice-cream cone at the beach and first milkshake all in the same little while… he has, as they say in our family “arrived on the menu”… which means if we go out for a meal he gets to pick something rather than just getting a plate and sharing from other folks plates!!!


And that’s us, hope your January has been full of fun!!!

6 Replies to “The Week That Was… #6.29”

  1. Thanks Cat, so glad you enjoyed it… talk about the summer flying past at top speed!!! Hope you have the most fabulous week!!!

  2. Love all the photos of summer fun outdoors! We’re currently “snowed in” here in Georgia (a VERY rare occurrence) and the sunshine & warm temps look very appealing! 🙂

  3. Hay Irene, I have to say I love that weaving and I have been meaning to do it about forever!!! So thrilled that my little fabric artist took the project on and conquered it!!! Hope you are having a fabulous week!!!

  4. Hi Laura, as you know we are winter wimps and cannot even imagine the snow!!! I wish we could send you some sunshine… because we are so loving the summer!!! So here comes a virtual package filled with “Watermelon, evening ambles on the beach, and supper under the stars”… lots of love to you and your family!!! Have a fabulous day and thank you for stopping by!!!

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