It is Mandela Day and Just 67 Minutes Can Make a Difference…

The 18th of July is Mandela Day, in South Africa we celebrate his birthday by giving 67 minutes of time to volunteering and community service. Do something, just one small thing to make a difference…


The 18th of July is a good day to do the right thing and serve, serve, serve… So many projects have flashed past me this week and I wanted to highlight a couple of them for you. There is literally a project for everyone, from books to food kitchens, clean-ups and gardening:

Se7en + 1 Opportunities to Volunteer

  1. Art with Artjamming at the V and A Waterfront: Every 67 minutes they will be painting canvases to decorate the walls of the Somerset Hospital, read about it here and their Madiba Project for the month of July.
  2. DSC_0461

  3. Clean C: Community, Coastline, Cape Town, Country: This team of energetic folk organise beach clean-ups ALL THE TIME; And other totally cool projects that you can join like the POLAR SWIM, which isn’t quite as insane as it sounds; or what about BEACH4BOOKS. These guys look like they have so much fun and they are a great place to look for family friendly community projects.
  4. DSC_0273

  5. GreenPop – Join the TreeVolution: We blogged about GreenPop recently, they have an active and energetic community packed with volunteer projects to join in… head straight for their Project Page and at least sign up for their newsletter… can you think of anything better than a day planting trees.
  6. se7en-29-Mar-14-Untitled.jpg
    Photograph courtesy of GreenPop

  7. Soil For Life: Helping folk of all walks of life to grow their own vegetables… all about sustainable food and educating… and they welcome volunteers, not just on the 18 July… head for their Volunteer page and Donate some of your time and energy…
  8. se7en-18-Jun-14-IMG_5805.jpg

  9. Biblionef has a 1 million Books Campaign: Biblionef have helped us with our blog’s annual build a library campaign. The goal of this organisation is to donate story books to South African children in their own language, written and illustrated by south Africans… I love this!!! Wherever you are in the world you can donate a book today… and it will probably take about 67 seconds…
  10. DSC_0800

  11. Habitat for Humanity: They have been building 67 houses this past week… they are always looking for all sorts of volunteers… and there are plenty of opportunities to serve here.
  12. DSC_0049

  13. From Food to Fork on LeadSA: Is a whole list of places to get involved up and down the local food chain… take a peak at teaching folk to “Grow their own,” get involved in local urban farms and so on… if food security is your thing then you will find a useful link in this list…
  14. se7en-18-Jun-14-DSC_6364.jpg

    And the Se7en + 1th:

  15. Things my Kids Want to Do for Madiba Day: We wrote this post on a previous Mandela Day: 67-Minute Things That We Can Easily Do Today… and nothing’s changed… it is pretty much our go to list of things to do on Mandela Day.

If you are looking for more ideas or opportunities to serve then follow the hashtag: #mandeladay on twitter… If you have some fab ideas of your own then let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you. And most important, have a fun day serving…

4 Replies to “It is Mandela Day and Just 67 Minutes Can Make a Difference…”

  1. I’m going to start recording my 67-minute audio on the love languages in about 30 minutes after sound checks and such.

    Later I have a pedicure. Sorbet is charging R67 for all mini manis and pedis today.

    And my hubs is building one of those houses 🙂

    It’s also my mother’s birthday so we’ll phone her later today.

  2. Hay Marcia, your to do list is simply incredible and how cool for your hubs!!! Hope you are having a great weekend and not freezing to death. Cape Town is in the depths of winter, just something else!!!

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