Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #251

A damp wet week… mid-November always is, every year I look back on our blog to check and every year it is the same… cold and wet and then summer erupts… just can’t wait. But wow, have we been getting a lot done… it is definitely time for a week that was post!!!

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This Week’s GiveAway

We promised you a GiveAway… every week for the month of November and today is the last day to tell us where in the world you would like to go on a Road Trip… we really do want to know, we are plotting your road trips on our map…

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Book of the Week

The DK Book of True or False? brought to us by Penguin Books in South Africa. This is an Encyclopaedia, without the overwhelming sense of a million facts being tossed at you… In fact it is packed with atleast a million facts but they are presented in a very fun and easy to read “Question and Answer?” format… and since we have one child who was called “Did_You_Know?” for a number of years, you can imagine this went down a treat. It is a DK Book, so glorious, glossy and packed with incredible photographs, you can take a peek at some of the incredible spreads over here. The facts are divided into six categories: Human Body, Nature, Science and Technology, Space, Earth, History and Culture. And it has a working index, so if you aren’t just browsing and you need to use it to find a fact on an interesting topic… you can actually look it up. This is a stunning book and the kind of book that lives on the coffee table and is an endless conversation starter… heaps of obscure little snippets, general knowledge conundrums asked and answered and the facts are beautifully presented. Aimed at anyone, really, beyond the beginner reader lever… snippets are placed in boxes – so no heavy reading, they make full use of infographics… They have fast facts, and the how and why behind the answer… so no blind faith expected.

Here you go… se7en True or False Questions for you to ponder?:

  1. Spinach makes you strong?
  2. If scared, an ostrich will bury its head in the sand?
  3. A cockroach can live for three days without its head?
  4. We swallow eight spiders a year in our sleep?
  5. An opera singer can shatter glass?
  6. A red sky at night signals good weather?
  7. Enemy soldiers played football in the trenches?

One of these is, and I quote: “twaddle” the rest are true!!! This book is perfect for the curious kid of all ages… especially if they leave it lying around and their parents can pick it up and read it too!!!

This book was given to us by Penguin books South Africa for review purposes, we were not paid to write this review and the opinions shared are as usual our own.


Fabulous Fun Links

  1. Apartment Therapy has a Play Food Felt-A-Long… you have to take a peek at Week 1: Let’s Make Breakfast…
  2. Lego and Photography fans will love this link on the Phoblographer… A working camera fit for a mimi-figure… have you ever!!!
  3. Our friends at Yuppie Chef are upping the end of year party game, with menus plans and well everything. Not to mention a fairly fab festive competition…
  4. An Interview with 3 Homeschool Graduates on Simple Homeschool… I love this, and cooler than ever to show my homeschooled kids.
  5. I have got to do this, I have got to do this, I have got to do this… Blurb Photo Books from your Instagram feed on Babyccinokids.
  6. Surprised by MotherHood author, Lisa-Jo Baker just totally gets it right in this post: In a culture of Fast Food S.ex Let’s Give Our Children Healthier Choices.
  7. HandMade Charlotte and Se7en Things to Do With a Paper Cup… this is enough to make anyone what to get busy!!!
  8. And the se7en + 1th link:

  9. A Blast From the Past: And here are a couple of links to posts, this week, from previous years:

And remember a couple of weeks ago we blogged about Se7en + 1 Things to do with a Bandana and the Sunflower Fund…. well they urgently need our help… if you are interested in helping them then click on the pic.

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That’s us… Hope your weekend is a fabulous one and we are so looking forward to another week of blogging with you all…

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