Se7en’s Natural Treasure Advent Calendar Week 2…

Week two of December has passed, and I feel the Christmas craziness all around us, and yet we are officially on holiday. Not a breathe of anything that looks like school, or work… a fair amount of cleaning off of work surfaces and a garden frenzy of note… which always feels lovely when its done. Our days are pretty much: lazy breakfast, time on the beach, hanging out with friends and afternoon naps. I realise that our Christmas preparations are not exactly fraught with frantic-ness, there is a calm. It is summer after all. I realise that our build-up to Christmas and traditions are so tied to slow summer and catching up, and lots of heady excitement of little people.

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So we are reading through piles of Christmas stories, we are baking batches of cookies, we have spent a little time each day creating gifts for friends and family… but it is fun kitchen stuff and craftiness and certainly doesn’t feel like work at all. The kids have drawn names from the hat to start their secret sibling gifts for this year and they are so looking forward to Carols and a Nativity play later in the week. Honestly it is fun and relaxed and we have a huge watermelon ready for any amount of guests… This week we need to finish our gift making and letter writing and then we are pretty much ready for Christmas.

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We decided that our Advent tree would be about looking for a beautiful natural treasure each day… we have a shelf of them filled with treasures we have found while hiking this year and of course we never stop collecting little bits of loveliness on our daily walks… we are posting our daily treasures on instagram, meanwhile this is last weeks treasure collection.

se7en - 081214 - 9051.jpg

se7en - 091214 - 9100.jpg

se7en - 111214 - 9133.jpg

se7en - 121214 - 9150.jpg

se7en - 131214 - 9181.jpg

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se7en - 141214 - 9242.jpg

That’s us, hope you have a fun filled week preparing for Christmas…

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  1. Hi Mrs FF, So glad you enjoyed our Advent Calendar… I have to say our plans and what we actually did proved to be somewhat different!!! Needless to say there will be a little rush on in the last few days… well as much of a rush as you can have with a heap of little folk offering to help!!! Wishing you all the best!!!

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