The Year That Was – 2014…

Wishing you the best 2015

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To all our friends around the world we really want to wish you all the best, for a great 2015. And we want to thank you for following along through the days and weeks and months of our blog. Really without our readers, and your enthusiasm, we would’t have a blog… So thank you all for stopping by and thank you so much to those of you who loyally leave comments and enter our GiveAways. We love how you share your stories and questions with us and encourage us to blog on and blog on…

Here’s a peak at our 2014

We read, we hiked, we learnt, we trumpeted, we worked and we lego-ed…

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We read, we hiked, we computed and programmed…


We read and read, and hiked, photographed and baked…


We read and hiked and built, we created and constructed and trained and exercised…


We read, we hiked, we explored, we discovered, we camped and we served…

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We read, we hiked, we made, we created, we sewed, and we glittered…


We read and hiked, we coloured, we drew and we dressed-up…


We read and we hiked, we played and we puzzled, we chatted and chatted and chatted…

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7 Replies to “The Year That Was – 2014…”

  1. Happy New Year from N Ireland!

    Wow – you packed lots into 2014, and what a lot if cakes and candles!

    Wishing you a wonderful 2015

  2. Janmary, how lovely to have you stop by and comment, I save up those birthday pictures all year. Happy New Year to all of you too… and all the very best for 2015!!!

  3. Right back at you all, Christi!!! Hope you have had the most fantastic holiday time… lots of love from sunny Cape Town!!!

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