Se7en’s Very Best of the Rest from Around the Web… And a Free Printable Weather Tree…

We had to emerge from our post-Christmas laze…. with a post filled with the Best of the Rest from around the blogosphere… and so many folk are searching for our weather tree right now that I thought I would put it front and central for you.

se7en-30-Dec-13-se7en's weather tree.jpg
To print: click on the image and it will open in a new tab… print away!!!

For those of you who don’t know our weather tree… we colour the leaves according to the weather… sunny days get green leaves, rainy days get blue leaves. We keep it simple, but of course you can add or subtract whatever you would like too. Here’s our tree for 2014, all coloured in.

se7en - 311214 - 0301.jpg

The Best of the Rest

  1. Best of the Rest Everything Crafty Blog: That I can share with my Teen Gal: crafts, recipes, hairdo’s, photography: A Beautiful Mess.
  2. Best of the Rest Foody Inspiration: Yuppie Chef’s Spatula Magazine – Daily Doses of Deliciousness.
  3. Best of the Rest Reads With Kids: The Read Aloud Revival Podcast… seriously, occasionally you must do dishes and when you do, listen to these… and the show notes are packed, packed with great book ideas…
  4. The Best of the Rest Eye Candy: Babyccino Kids Beautiful Top 10 Posts…
  5. The Best of the Rest “Most Often Pinned by Us”: Handmade Charlotte and her brilliant fun doable craft tutorials…
  6. Best of the Rest Inspiration for Daily Walks: Alison at Chino House blogged #48 Incredible Walks last year, she could do it, so we could do it. Her walks inspired us to lurch from daily amblers to actual hikers.
  7. Our Best of the Rest Characters of the Year Timmy Failure by Stephan Pasti and Chris Riddell’s Goth Girl.
  8. Best of the Rest Inspiration for 2015: Tinkerlab’s 8 Ideas to Kick-Start Creativity in the New Year.

A Blast From the Past


Se7en and the New Year Tree Party.


Fortune Cookies in Se7en Steps…


Se7en Resolve to Do More of the Same.


Scroll down for 52 Weeks of Organizing…


Bible Reading Plans…


Se7en + 1 Steps to Creating Your Own Desk Calendar…


Se7en + 1 Ideas for a Family Noticeboard.

se7en-30-Dec-13-se7en's weather tree.jpg

Se7en’s Weather Tree and Free Printable.

That’s us… Hope you are having heaps of fun preparing for 2015…

10 Replies to “Se7en’s Very Best of the Rest from Around the Web… And a Free Printable Weather Tree…”

  1. Love that tree – but I suspect it would be mostly blue for the rain – or more realistically grey for the grey skies! (I know I post lots if sunny skies on my blog but that’s because I want to capture and remember those!)

  2. Janmary, I know exactly what you mean – when we were children my parents took us on holiday to the wilderness, pretty much a dessert. Every time we came to any water she took a photograph… our walls were covered in photographs of these beautiful wetlands, and everyone thought we were visiting sensational wetland forests – not exactly the case. Myself… I took what appears to be endless photographs of my sleeping firstborn, because he never ever slept… clearly the camera can lie!!! Lots of love and thanks again for stopping by!!!

  3. Oh Rachelle of TinkerLab, thank you so much for stopping by… I really loved your inspirational post. Wishing you another great year full of fun and creating!!!

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