The Week That Was – #206

And a Week That Was Post… How can it possibly be almost the end of the month already?

se7en - 280115 - 0157.jpg

Our days appear to be all about the splash right now…

se7en - 220115 - 0528.jpg

Swimming, swimming and more swimming…

se7en - 230115 - 0553.jpg

Spot the Hood… he is up there…

se7en - 250115 - 0577.jpg

And load-shedding, even the lighthouse was out, though I would have thought they functioned off the grid somehow. Surely the light has to keep on burning?

se7en - 260115 - 0153.jpg

And new neighbours… these folk have arrived on our block…

se7en - 280115 - 0199.jpg

We blogged about se7en + 1 things we would like to try each week this year… and we are popping our 52 Weeks progress into our Week that Was post… accountability and all that!!!

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Our 52 Week Challenge

  1. Walk of the Week: Just too words for our walk this week: “very, early.”
  2. se7en - 240115 - 0565.jpg

  3. Game of the Week: I might have had visions of working through our board game collection, that isn’t happening so much. And while endless games of Sorry are being played on a daily basis… it is Chess that is standing out by miles. Chess tournaments are the rage over here and while some small folk might be reinventing the game others are getting better and better at it.
  4. se7en - 210115 - 0516.jpg

  5. My Just Because Book:
  6. This was just totally delightful… I have had this on my “must read list” for the longest time and when I spotted it on a friend’s shelf I dived straight in. I think the word is delightful, I loved every second. Written in the format of a number of letters between folk in post war England. Letters speed to and fro over the channel between the Guernsey Islands and London, it is at once intriguing and lovely. As the reader you feel like a fly on the wall, you literally sense the letters dashing onto the page… really really enjoyed this one.

  7. Letter of the Week: Everybody had their letter writing hats on this week… thank you letters were written and “I love you letters” between little friends. And I even managed two letters off the list of letter recipients… This holding yourself to a weekly letter could actually work!!!
  8. se7en - 230115 - 0548.jpg

  9. Organizing Project of the Week: This week was all about me, just getting myself sorted. Getting an I.D. book (it has been years since a particular child put mine through the washer), renewing my driver’s license, and even an eye appointment – for myself, not a child!!! Nothing short of miraculous… but sometimes a mother needs to gather her wits about her… and that means getting myself sorted!!!
  10. Recipe of the Week: And after all that blogging about bread last week… Totally never gave recipes a thought, let alone writing one into our book!!!
  11. Our View from the Deck: I cannot believe I will keep this up for 365 days… nearly a month, and I am wondering if I can do eleven more of the same!!!
  12. se7en - 250115 - 0588.jpg

  13. Our Challenge of the Week: Deserves it’s own post, and it follows this one… It’s a scientific challenge and I am so looking forward to posting it!!!


There is a certain person that seems to think that wrapping pipe cleaners around your pencil is a way of getting work done. it might have crossed my mind the “not so much” about the school thing, but those pencils do look pretty funky!!!

se7en - 220115 - 0041.jpg

And our garden is growing… really growing and we are feasting on the rewards…

se7en - 220115 - 0061.jpg

We may even get corn out of this!!!

se7en - 280115 - 0173.jpg

Someone is always up a tree…

se7en - 230115 - 0557.jpg

My little guys rediscovered this recently and they play and play and play… the most popular toy around here by miles!!!

se7en - 230115 - 0547.jpg

It is definitely the season of make your own meals…

se7en - 240115 - 0573.jpg

Artwork of the Week

This teeny tiny witches hat… there might be folk over here just slightly fascinated with all things Winnie the Witch!!!

se7en - 280115 - 0160.jpg

The Book of the Week

My three youngest are switching and swapping these books around at the library each week and making sure that between them they bring home a stack of Winie the Witch Books. They have passed the “read again and again and again test.”

And a Snapshot in Time

Hood #1:

se7en - 280115 - 0175.jpg

Hood #2:

se7en - 260115 - 0150.jpg

Hood #3:

se7en - 260115 - 0603.jpg

Hood #4:

se7en - 080115 - 0083.jpg

Hood #5:

se7en - 280115 - 0178.jpg

Hood #6:

se7en - 280115 - 0168.jpg

Hood #7:

se7en - 280115 - 0184.jpg

Hood #8:

se7en - 280115 - 0165.jpg

That’s us… Hoping you all have the most fantastic week!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – #206”

  1. Oh I totally loved “The Guernsey literary…..” -one of those wonderful soft, delicious books. Have you read “The Collected works of AJ Fikry?” Not sharing any themes etc but also the same sort of book in feel

    Chess is big in our house – our school has chess as a subject in grades R-3 so they can all play. C also does it extra curricular.

  2. I just called the kids to see a PROPER weather tree because we (that means me) have been slack. We only remembered about 6 days this month, and they were all rainy days.

    So Kendra says, “oh I wish we had all those sunny days”! I said, “wait til winter. we only have sunny days”

    Also, Connor wants to know how deep your pool is and how you get it that blue because “it looks like they’re swimming in the ocean”.

    I love the pencils in the hair (I used to do that at varsity – it was so hot in Grahamstown) and the pipecleaner ones 🙂

  3. Your just because book is one of mine and the girls all time favorites! Love that you are getting produce from your garden. Our corn faile again 2 yr in a row which is so disheartening. But marrows and tomatoes doing well.

  4. Hay Cat, I am going to have to look our for The Collected Works… And how cool is it that Chess is a school subject, I think I will immediately declare it as part of the curriculum… Oh the heady joy that chess actually counts as work!!! Hope you have had a good week!!!

  5. Opps, Aunty Muffin… well spotted and I have fixed the photo!!! Thanks so much and hope you have had a great week!!!

  6. Oh Marcia… Oh Kendra, the calendar will change over all too soon… I will try not to think about it, we so love summer over here!!! You can tell Conner that we have the teeniest pool available and he could probably stand in it, since he is such a tall guy!!! We live at the ocean so there was no need for a huge pool, not to mention our garden is pretty tiny too(!), so just big enough to get wet in and it is great for learning to swim in too. And the pencils, oh my!!! Hope you have all had a good week…

  7. Hi Wendy, we definitely have a fave book in common, probably more actually!!! Our corn is all about location, it failed before but this year I planted it somewhere a bit more sheltered and it is loving it…. really wished we had planted toms more. The one time we tried marrows we had a night visitor, a porcupine, who devoured the lot… but I am thinking of trying them again. Our lettuces are doing great but I need to learn more… we have some semi-shady spots and I am not sure at all, if there are vegetables who like the whole semi-shade thing!!! Anyway, trial and error is my friend!!! Hope you have a great weekend (nearly there!!!).

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