How to Plant a Garden in a Reliance Compost Bag…

Following on from our previous post on planting trees for Zambia, so many folk have said how they would love to go to Zambia too… well you can. Reliance Compost is running a competition and they are giving away a week in Zambia, to the person who can create the most incredible item from a compost bag…

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What Can You Do With a Reliance Compost Bag?

Basically, anything you can make with a pillow case you can make with a compost bag and then so much more, backpacks, storage bags… shelters and even gardens. So the first folk in our house to make something with a Reliance Compost Bag… were the young and fashionable and we had an almost instantaneous dress…

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That was quickly hi-jacked by the younger royalty…

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I kid you not… a crown fit for a king…

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But little people were quickly overwhelmed by older architects…

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And before they knew it their bigger brothers and sisters had made a shelter for them…

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Those are just a few ideas and just saying the competition is steep… folk have made hammocks and clothing and even the most incredible umbrella…

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We Decided to Make the Quickest Garden Ever

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Pop your Reliance Bags in a sunny patch… and poke some holes in them with a garden fork for drainage.

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Then turn your bags over… cut a window out of the top… and pop your seeds in.

se7en - 070315 - 0775.jpg

I see we had an overzealous radish planter, and we will need to do a little thing!!! A couple of tomatoes are popping up and so are our beans… so lets hope these seeds turn into a little farm in a couple of weeks.

se7en - 250315 - 2411.jpg

Garden in a Reliance Compost Bag

Otherwise we decided, since planting from seed is not our forte, we would try our hand at planting a vertical in a bag… using plugs from the nursery…

se7en - 070315 - 0728.jpg

Once again, grab your garden fork and make some holes in the bottom of the bag and then snip the top off your bag.

se7en - 070315 - 0765.jpg

We wanted our garden to be a little water-wise… and if you make small holes in a soda bottle and fill it with water then when you take the lid off the water spurts out… fun times!!!

se7en - 070315 - 0760.jpg

Then bury your bottle in the bag with just the top out… and to water your garden you just pop a jug of water into the soda bottle. It uses less water than watering the water goes straight to the plants… also it is novel and our kids love watering the garden like this. A win, win.

se7en - 070315 - 0825.jpg

Make a couple of slits in the side of your bag and pop the little plants into them…

se7en - 090315 - 1923.jpg

A little while later you have a flourishing garden in a Reliance_Compost Bag…

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So if you have a funky, creative idea for a Reliance_Compost Bag… and you will have to do a little more than “soft toy storage,” though lets be honest, this is every mother-person-home-decorator’s dream!!!

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Click on the Image and Enter Away

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All the details are on their website… and the closing date is 9 April 2015.

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3 Replies to “How to Plant a Garden in a Reliance Compost Bag…”

  1. Totally awesome!
    My favourite is the upright garden – so cool.
    Can’t wait to do some gardening in the sun.
    Lots of love to all!

  2. Amazing stuff indeed!! I love these all creative ideas regarding use Reliance Compost Bag.

    Specially that umbrella as well as fashionable and instantaneous dress too.

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