A Touch of Gold… BronxWoman10th Birthday…

Blogging brings so many things, and every now and then it brings extraordinary things like an invitation to the BronxWoman10th Birthday Celebrations. Because we blog about family news and views and life with a bunch of kids we don’t often cross over into the world of fashion. In fact most of you know that the world of fashion is actually a foreign country to me, and one that I really fear to tread in. That doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate, fun funky innovative stuff… I have a pinterest board devoted to bags and boots after all, but this is the season for me to keep my kids clothed and sorted.

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Before we had kids I always wore sporty clothes and my idea of dressing up was very definitely jeans and chunky boots. And I remember chatting with a friend and she had quite a few more than a handful of kids and was wearing about the most cost-effective and unglamorous footwear on earth and we were laughing together about when you have kids you will spend a fortune on dressing them and completely forget about yourself. Well… she laughed at the truth of it and I laughed at the impossibility. Time has taught me well. Needless to say after one child I pretty much bounced back into my regular clothes and life went on… and then as each child came along so the bounce took longer to get back and eventually the bounce just didn’t.

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I can see that folk with one or two kids will spend a year or two dressed entirely for comfort and then they spring back and life goes on… but when you are pregnant and unpregnant and pregnant again on and off for a decade (or more)… you tend to forget that there are other clothes out there… apart from those you can grab without trying on, while streams of short people bounce around underfoot. Once you have been out of the picture for that long, you kind of hope that no one is looking at you and that the topic of what you are wearing will just flit away and you can talk about the books you are reading or the latest hike that you went on… pretty much what I do. But then an invitation like this stops you in your tracks and you have to assess… that your one of pair of jeans and two skirts wardrobe is maybe not cutting it. I tried not to think about it and headed for the party instead.

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To be honest my first thought was this is going to be way out of my league… and it was, but I love an adventure… and for some us who spend most of our lives just keeping up with three meals a day, the laundry and the dishes… and invitation to a Bronx event, entitles “a Touch of Gold” is a very big deal and whole lot more than just another event… what to wear, what to wear, what to wear…

The BronxWoman10th Party

Let’s talk about the party… A grand entrance. A beautiful venue… and Cape Town providing a glorious sunset…

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Fabulous girls…

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And friends… I have to say they did very well in invitations across all social media. I met blogging friends, mom blog friends, instagram friends, it was great… and my goodness do these folk know how to dress-up for a golden event… hair had been done beautifully, golden manicures… shoes to die for, just stunningly dressed. These gals in the world of fashion sure do work hard to look beautiful and sure know how to present themselves. And for this event that had been touted as “A Touch of Gold” these gals really went the extra mile… they worked hard, it showed, they looked stunning. And if Bronx was looking for fabulous photographs for their event they weren’t going to be let down. Clearly Cape Town is looking for events to dress up for. Should I also mention the sweetest little snacks… Golden cupcakes… trays of popcorn…

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But the winner was definitely golden candy floss…

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Have you ever…

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And of course there were boots…

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Beautiful boots…

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Stunning boots…

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Brilliant boots…

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So many lovely boots…

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A Bit About Blogging

There was an ever so short presentation… and the brand ambassador for Bronx was happy to tell us that she doesn’t have skeletons in her cupboard, she has boots!!!

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And that was it, short and sweet… lovely in fact. I didn’t come away overwhelmed with the feeling that I have to go out and buy their product. Most product events that I have attended involve a lot more sales pitch, a lot more leaving the product out for you to test and talk about. Clearly Bronx know they have a good product, and it wasn’t a product launch so much as a party. Otherwise, I came away thinking that mom-bloggers are ever so slightly spoilt, these fashion gals worked really hard on their presentation and spent a good deal of time and effort to look the part on the big day… there was a small and very cool gift for everyone attending… but certainly not the bags of loot that mom-bloggers are given at their events, and nothing completely over the top and crazy. I have to say that many events I feel I have to dash home and blog about them… and all the gifting leaves you somewhat beholden – even when you know, technically, that you aren’t. I didn’t feel like this at the Bronx event… it was just an evening out with no expectation or requirement, lovely. I didn’t come away beholden to them to write a post or to buy their product, and I certainly didn’t feel any pressure to even enjoy their products. (Though what’s not to love – ahem!!!).

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So I crossed the line… went to a fashion event and enjoyed it. I still think dressing up is jeans and chunky boots and I did love the boots… but I am unlikely to buy them – because hay, I am a mom in the thick of it and that means I am in the season for making sure my kids are clothed, long before I even glance at my own wardrobe.

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  1. Hmmm Marcia, very tempting, very tempting… and winter walks are a thing over here. I will just leave the idea simmering. Hope you all have a fabulous fun weekend!!!

  2. Exactly that Cat… so so so much to love as well!!! Dream on, dream on!!! Wishing you all a great week!!!

  3. Hay Jerusha, you stopped by!!! Thank you so much, totally made my day… hope you have the most fabulous week!!!

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