Se7en’s Fabulous Fun #271…

We had one cooler day this week, there were clouds and maybe three drops of rain. We went hiking of course…

se7en - 140415 - 0185.jpg

Very fun times… Otherwise we have been busy… and swimming every day in case we runout of summer!!!


Lovely Links from This Week

  1. Looking for a good reason to wake up, even five minutes earlier… on the Art of Simple: Waking up for my life (not to my life).
  2. Fabulous Flowers on the Crafty Crow… because half the world is LONGING for Spring, and the other half is having onto summer for dear life!!!
  3. I am absolutely loving Ann Wood’s Series: My Creative Year… and this post: Permission to Rest.
  4. A Genius Way to Teach Your Child Not to Interrupt on a Cup of Jo… I love a good code, so do my kids – one or two of them will be learning this one!!!
  5. You have to look at these Seed Tape creations on Imagine Childhood… best gifting idea I have seen in ages.
  6. I’m loving this Vrienden Boek on Babyccino Kids!!!
  7. Heather Sander’s Study Tips on Pioneer Woman… because every now and then my kids will have to write a test and it will help them to read theses tips before settling down to work.
  8. se7en - 270315 - 2525.jpg

    And the se7en + 1th link:

  9. A Blast From the Past:

Book of the Week

This is literally a great big Dorling Kindersley book on how to do just about everything and we love it. We have had it out of the library for literally weeks and weeks and weeks… and we have to return it. But it is stunning packed with cool things for kids to do – ranging from Magic Tricks, to cooking; arty crafty projects to do and surviving in the great outdoors; Scientific projects and Sports. You can click on this link to take a peak inside the book. This book is a keeper and we are going to have to get a copy for ourselves… because it is just that good.

Please Don’t for get to enter our GiveAway…

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That’s us… Hope your weekend has been a fabulous one and we are so looking forward to another week of blogging with you all…

8 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Fun #271…”

  1. I love all your links! #4 “A Genius Way…” is linking me to the seed tape link you have posted below it? Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  2. Hay Mrs FF, Winter is so not my best, but even I am looking forward to just a little rain after a long dry summer and the cooler mornings and evenings are somewhat energizing!!! A couple of days of rain and I know I will be longing for the some hot summer sun though. Just the thought of laundry in winter… just no!!! I am a summer gal through and through!!! Have a stunning day!!!

  3. Hay there “WisdomSeekingScot,” hundred percent agree… hiking is the best!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  4. Hay Cassi, Of course I did!!! Thanks for linking… hope you have a fabulous week on the far side of the world!!!

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