Se7en + 1 Go Road Tripping: Hermanus for Whale Watching…

It has been a while since we had a family day, just for us, and we needed one. This past Monday we took a trip to Hermanus to go Whale Watching. Fun times, family times and making memories. We are so lucky to live in a part of the world with whales… they are one of the happiest features of our winter. This photograph does nothing to demonstrate the freezing cold, windy conditions… it always looks like summer here…

se7en - 100815 - 5463.jpg

It was an early start, and we stopped for mosbolletjies and a game of chess on the way. Mosbolletjies are a sweet brioche bread with aniseed… and a road tripping favourite. (And yes I need to post our recipe for them).

se7en - 100815 - 5470.jpg

On through the tapestry of farmlands…

se7en - 100815 - 0194.jpg

We were headed for the cliff walk in Hermanus. I have been walking these cliffs and watching whales since I was in high school. We haven’t been there for years and it was time to catch up.

se7en - 100815 - 0372.jpg

The sea here can be wild…

se7en - 100815 - 0196.jpg

And if you look carefully you can see whale spray almost everywhere you look.

se7en - 100815 - 0204.jpg

So there was a lot of looking…

se7en - 100815 - 0227.jpg

And hopeful expectation…

se7en - 100815 - 0222.jpg

We weren’t the only ones looking for whales!!!

se7en - 100815 - 0304.jpg

The Biodiversity Walk

Some folk have turned the cliff walk into a biodiversity walk…

se7en - 100815 - 0216.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0231.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0241.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0284.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0271.jpg

We bumped into a friend and scored a family photograph…

se7en - 100815 - 0242.jpg

Art on the Point…

se7en - 100815 - 0246.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 5473.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0250.jpg


se7en - 100815 - 0296.jpg

And just like that the whales arrived… And we were happy to sit and watch them for ages…

se7en - 100815 - 0265.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0262.jpg

Treasures in the market…

se7en - 100815 - 0278.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 5479.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 5483.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 5481.jpg

There is always plenty to look at in Hermanus…

se7en - 100815 - 0374.jpg

The Old Harbour

There is so much to see in the harbour and it is a good place to stop ad play. No matter how much walking about we do there are certain short people that still need to run about a lot… others of us prefer to sit in the sun and watch all this energy bound about.

se7en - 100815 - 5475.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0356.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0346.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0327.jpg

There was a massive swell breaking over the harbour wall and the locals kept us entertained…

se7en - 100815 - 0329.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0333.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0334.jpg

There was paddling to watch…

se7en - 100815 - 0340.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0344.jpg

And small treasures…

se7en - 100815 - 0320.jpg

On to Stanford and dinner with friends…

se7en - 100815 - 0378.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0379.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0381.jpg

se7en - 100815 - 0393.jpg

This picture sums up exactly what we all feel about road tripping!!!

se7en - 100815 - 0332.jpg

4 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Go Road Tripping: Hermanus for Whale Watching…”

  1. A fun day, and so many things to see! I have seen my fair share of sharks but simply can’t imagine seeing whales!

  2. Really Chrisit, that’s amazing. We have never seen sharks in real life, but we do live in one of the best spots in the world for shore-based whale watching. I know we are spoiled for whales and so lucky!!! Have a lovely day!!!

  3. Hay Marcia, Yoh… Cape Town is cold at the moment, I am suffering!!! One warm day would make all the difference. Tell me about the blue sky… I thought it was just me who believed that!!! Hope you have a lovely day!!!

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