A Trip to Zambia and a Market Tour…

There are few things better when visiting another country, than living alongside the local folk and discovering where they shop. In Livingston there are fabulous markets and pavement stalls, and of course in the centre of town the ubiquitous and predictable large supermarket. If you know how I cannot enjoy shopping in a supermarket at home, well I like it even less in a foreign country. Luckily, there is so much more to shopping than supermarkets and if you follow the well worn trail of footprints…

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Past a pile of bicycles, just outside of town… you will find yourself in a very popular and busy market place. As you get closer to the market small stores start to appear more frequently at the side of the road…

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Head over the railroad crossing…

se7en - 090715 - 0345.jpg

Past the furniture store…

se7en - 090715 - 0341.jpg

And the clothing stores…

se7en - 090715 - 0330.jpg

And there are plenty of those…

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To the market place…

Homeware Department

se7en - 110715 - 0717.jpg

se7en - 110715 - 0720.jpg

Food Department

se7en - 110715 - 0715.jpg

When you reach the egg store, you know you are about to enter the wonderful world of market food.

se7en - 110715 - 0736.jpg

se7en - 110715 - 0734.jpg

se7en - 110715 - 0728.jpg

se7en - 110715 - 0738.jpg

se7en - 110715 - 0723.jpg

The Absolutely Everything Else Department

se7en - 110715 - 0740.jpg

Including black bags…

se7en - 110715 - 0737.jpg

And shoes…

se7en - 110715 - 0741.jpg

And the Tea Room

se7en - 110715 - 0744.jpg

se7en - 110715 - 0743.jpg

Don’t forget to stop at the sweetie Stall…

se7en - 110715 - 0714.jpg

And of course the fabric… this is the thing that everyone comes to Zambia for… the beautiful printed fabric… every colour under the rainbow and then some…

se7en - 110715 - 0772.jpg

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5 Replies to “A Trip to Zambia and a Market Tour…”

  1. The fabric – wow! – the colors are amazing! My Weston is, did you take tea at BJ’s? I’m thoroughly enjoying my visit to Zambia through your eyes!

  2. Mrs FF, me too, me too. I would much rather shop at a market and buy from individuals… than the mass craziness of the supermarket. I also love the haggling and discussing our way to the right price. There is something about shopping directly that makes the whole experience a lot more fun. Thanks so much for stopping by… Hope you have had a restful weekend!!!

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