The Year That Was… 2015

Wishing you the best 2016

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When you declare yourself on a blogging break and then remember… there is a New Year Post, that you can’t not post… not to mention a calendar… that I just can’t miss. So, just quickly popping back to say Huge Happy New Year to all of our followers and a massive thank you to you all for your love and support this past year. Really without our enthusiastic readers we would have no blog, so thank you… for all your comments and questions, thank you for entering our GiveAways again and again… and thank you for sticking with us and sharing your stories year after year after year…

Here’s a peak at our 2015

This was definitely our year for getting outdoors on a grand scale, for exploring and hiking and traveling about. And hopefully 2016 will be a whole lot of “more of the same”… and otherwise books, we all read a lot… an unprecedented number of books were read and we are richer for that. There was the usual shuffling and growing and changing as little folk become bigger folk and bigger folk become even bigger… I have to say I am looking forward to what a new year brings to us and the new adventures that we go on… Fun times ahead folks!!!

We read, we hiked, we trumpeted, we worked and we lego-ed, we made heaps of friends…

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We read, we hiked, we computed and programmed, we thrived in summer jobs…

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We read and read and then read some more, and hiked, photographed and baked, …

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We read and hiked and built, we created and constructed and trained and exercised, and grew and grew and grew…

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We read, we hiked, we explored, we discovered, we camped and we served…

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We read, we hiked, we made, we created, we sewed, and we glittered…

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We read and hiked, we coloured, we drew and we dressed-up, we looked after lots of teeny tiny friends…

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We read and we hiked, we played, we swam and we conquered school…

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  1. Happy New Year, friends! Loved following along in 2015 – can’t wait to see what 2016 brings! xo

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