Se7en’s Diary and Our Annual Sketchbook Tour…

So a couple of weeks back, we took a week off blogging, the father person was on leave and we were all overdue for a break, shew… a week of afternoon naps and absolutely no household projects… a reading and resting holiday. The kind of holiday essential to recovering the soul.


I did have a hidden agenda, and I could never ever survive an entire week of doing nearly nothing, the week also coincided with having to hand in our Sketchbook for The Annual Sketchbook Project. For a week or so of the year, I actually need to be offline, because my keyboard is literally submerged under collagey goodness…

se7en - 300316 - 2470.jpg

The Sketchbook Project is based in Brooklyn Museum of Art… folk from all over the world sign in and are sent a sketchbook. Artists, writers, crafters and just ordinary old mother persons’ all fill up their sketchbooks and then mail them back to the Brooklyn Museum of Art to stay there as a permanent part of the collection. Such a cool project and we have been part of it, every year for a number of years.

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Of course, after having had the sketchbook, that arrives in a swish little brown envelope, sitting on my desk for months… we just hadn’t begun it. The trouble with getting started is never about getting the sketchbook done, it is always about selecting a topic from the many topics to choose from. Once we have the topic we are good to go and ideas leap out, and I get the kids to help along and create little things we can stick in and use. Anyway this year we finally chose the topic: “Diary.” Instead of producing a diary, we created a sketchbook filled with all different sorts of diaries. Here it is… hope you enjoy it… and if you are ever in Brooklyn you can visit our sketchbook, in fact all the sketchbooks we have done before should be on the shelves somewhere.

Se7en’s Diary

se7en - 310316 - 0679.jpg
Just A Diary.

se7en - 310316 - 0680.jpg
Everything you need for today: a weather tree, a perpetual calendar… and of course today’s weather chart.

se7en - 310316 - 0685.jpg
And a three month calendar, we live in the Southern Hemisphere, so our summer is at the heart of the New Year.

se7en - 310316 - 0686.jpg
A Book Diary… a list of all the books you have read for this year, for ever.

se7en - 310316 - 0688.jpg
And then there is the capsule closet diary… a collection of clothes that can be swapped and rearranged to create a different outfit everyday for a month.

se7en - 310316 - 0690.jpg
The dream diary… One of the gang loves to explain her weird and wonderful dreams first thing every morning.

se7en - 310316 - 0691.jpg
And time for another seasonal calendar, and this time it is Autumn.

se7en - 310316 - 0692.jpg
Hmmm… a Food diary: Meal planning versus what you really eat… interesting indeed.

se7en - 310316 - 0693.jpg
And we tucked our basic bread recipe into that page…

se7en - 310316 - 0696.jpg
And a garden calendar, with what to plant when (grant us a little artistic license) and we tried our hand at an ancient calendar, a quipu… with beads and knots.

se7en - 310316 - 0699.jpg
And a month of moons, connecting to the tides…

se7en - 310316 - 0701.jpg
Already so soon, winter arrives.

se7en - 310316 - 0702.jpg
And a nature diary, because wherever you are there is always a spot of nature.

se7en - 310316 - 0704.jpg
And a travel diary… because every wants to remember their travels, years from now.

se7en - 310316 - 0705.jpg
And what about a year at the nature table… full of all your collectables for a month.

se7en - 310316 - 2482.jpg
And then we opened all the drawers so that you call peek inside.

se7en - 310316 - 0709.jpg
Winter’s over, it is time for spring.

se7en - 310316 - 0710.jpg
A year in jars: Filled with special moments from each month…

se7en - 310316 - 0711.jpg
Time Capsules: And what to keep in them… memories are made of these!!!

se7en - 310316 - 0712.jpg
Things to write in a letter to yourself… to read sometime far into the future.

se7en - 310316 - 0714.jpg
And that’s the end of it, for another year….

Previous Sketchbooks

se7en - 310315 - 0086.jpg
2015: The Before and After Book…

2014: The King’s Finder…

2013: Se7en+1’s Travelogue…

2012: Se7en+1’s Companion Book…

2011: A Day in the Life…

And that’s us, until next year…

15 Replies to “Se7en’s Diary and Our Annual Sketchbook Tour…”

  1. I love each year’s sketchbook, so naturally this one is my new favorite! My favorite thing is always how interactive they are! Thanks for sharing – I’ve been looking forward to this one! xo

  2. Hay Cat, it is a very fun project to do together… I love creating something memorable together and then it becomes part of a collection of other sketchbook. Anyway take a peak at their website, they are taking orders for next year already. We just get the plain straight sketchbook, it is a bit pricey to get the digitized version if you aren’t shopping in dollars. But plain and simple is perfect for us. Sending love to you guys…

  3. Hay Cindy, Thanks for stopping by, we really love this project… we have worked on it every year for years now… it is a great memory maker!!! Hope you guys have a great week.

  4. Oh Christi, that is funny… how each new one is your favorite. These are such fun to make, they have been a great project year after year after year… Hope you guys are having a fantastic week!!!

  5. Thank you so much Cassey, you just bumped into our favorite project of the year!!! Love it for so many reasons. Hope you are having a fantastic week!!!

  6. I’ m so in love with this annual sketchbooks of yours! They are fantastic! They are dreamy! They rock!

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