Have You Met Henry Finch… And Se7en + 1 Finger Print Activities…

With World book Day last weekend, we are celebrating with a week of books on our blog.

I am Henry Finch, published by PanMacmillan South Africa is a thoughtful new release that will inspire artists of all ages and stages… a book full of fingerprint finches is enough to get any artists “arting.” You can meet the author, Alexis Deacon over here, and the illustrator, Viviane Schwartz over here.

We reviewed this book earlier this year… This is a thoughtful book for the discerning picture book lover. Henry Finch is a fingerprint Finch, that looks exactly like bazillions of other finches. Only Henry Finch is a bit of a thinker and he decides to do something a little bit differently to everybody else… Every morning the finches do the same thing at the same time, and they all live in terror of the daily visit from the green beast (who may overwhelm extremely sensitive viewers). Well Henry Finch decides to face his fear of the green beast, and I love how when you are reading the story and Henry starts thinking his own thoughts, the pages change from a white background to a black background… and some very clever illustrating goes on here, quite understandable to all ages without any translation… Henry Finch has a bit of a brainstorm…

se7en - 280416 - 3326.jpg

Ultimately, after some powerful thoughts Henry has quite an adventure, and manages to convince the beast to become a vegetarian. He returns to his finch family and shares his story, and suddenly all the finches have their own plans. It is a very empowering story and one that will encourages their readers to stay true to themselves and not follow the crowd. Clever, clever use of illustration… this is a great read, you can’t help being very proud of the inner strength of little Henry Finch.

PanMacmillan invited us to join the Picture Book Party and play along with them and discover some fun while reading I am Henry Finch. And we came up with se7en+1 fingerprint activities…

se7en - 270416 - 3238

Se7en+1 FingerPrint Finch Activities…

  1. You can’t have a party without a cake and a treasure hunt:
  2. se7en - 280416 - 3261.jpg

    Make a few fingerprint stickers… and hide them in plain sight around the house.

    se7en - 280416 - 3300.jpg

    se7en - 280416 - 3313.jpg

    se7en - 280416 - 3317.jpg

    se7en - 280416 - 3320.jpg

  3. Fingerprint Finches by the million:
  4. se7en - 270416 - 3239

    se7en - 270416 - 3242

    se7en - 280416 - 3265.jpg

  5. A Tree of Finches:
  6. se7en - 280416 - 3275.jpg

    se7en - 280416 - 3273.jpg

    se7en - 280416 - 3292.jpg

  7. Giant Finches: Google fingerprint images, and print them out on A4 paper, they are great for colouring.
  8. se7en - 280416 - 3267.jpg

    se7en - 280416 - 3269.jpg

    se7en - 280416 - 3310.jpg

  9. Fingerprint Finches quickly led to local birds:
  10. se7en - 280416 - 3282.jpg

    se7en - 270416 - 3244

    se7en - 280416 - 3286.jpg

  11. And our Local Birds quickly led to Mini-Bird Books:
  12. se7en - 280416 - 3298.jpg

  13. And the Local Birds led to Wildlife:
  14. se7en - 280416 - 3289.jpg

    se7en - 270416 - 3254

    se7en - 280416 - 3290.jpg

  15. And Animal fact Cards:
  16. se7en - 280416 - 3305.jpg

    se7en - 280416 - 3309.jpg

That’s it, from the very thoughtful Henry Finch… who deserves a hug for his bravery…

se7en - 280416 - 3328.jpg

Thank you so much to PanMacmillan South Africa for the copy of I am Henry Finch for review purposes and the invitation to join the Picture Book Party. This is not a sponsored post, we were not paid to create it and the opinions expressed are, as usual, our own.

9 Replies to “Have You Met Henry Finch… And Se7en + 1 Finger Print Activities…”

  1. What a great story and fun fingerprint party! I love all of the creations, but especially the local birds and wildlife. Happy weekend, gang!

  2. Thank you Cassey, we had a lot of fun putting this post together, as you can imagine. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

  3. Hay Christi… what started out as a little bit of finger print fun turned into an epic!!! We had a total blast printing away and it was just the kind of day we needed. Hope you are all having a great weekend!!!

  4. Thanks Zoe… Fingerprints for the win. A very good indicator that often less is more… its amazing what folk come up with when you leave a tray of paints and some paper on the kitchen table. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!

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