Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #323

This is pretty much where we are at, relaxing and chilling out… and busy catching up with all our school friends that are on holiday right now. So lots of business and lots of relaxing and not a whole lot in-between. The weather has been pretty glorious, so plenty of time to run around exploring in the great outdoors too…


First things first, if you haven’t read our interview on Growing up in South Africa on Simple Homeschool, then click on the link already. I shared a few details of our life and times that I don’t often share over here on our own blog.


And we have a fabulous World Wide GiveAway click on the link if you missed it and leave a comment.

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Lovely Links from This Week

  1. Playing by the Book has excellent post after excellent post after excellent post: I loved her post: Nuturing Reading Over the Summer Break and if you are looking for some magic: Once upon a Wish is Just Epic.
  2. Babble Dabble Do posted a gazillion Art projects for Kids!!!
  3. Oh how dreamy is this space… Susie Q on Natalie Creates…
  4. A little late in the month to discover this, but it is fantastic: Take a look at the July 2016 Nature Journal Calendar on Blog, She Wrote.
  5. Tinkering Space on Tinkerlab… Oh to be a kid again and visit this spot!!!
  6. Almost everyone we know is away, has been away, will be away and I can’t help browsing around GetAway Magazine…
  7. I have vicariously traveled to Italy over the past few weeks with Alison Chino… and I will never ever complain about the stairs up the mountain behind our house again. I know never say never… but seriously!!!

A Blast From the Past:


The Last Week for Free Entry for Kids into Kirstenbosch

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is absolutely free for kids during the school holidays, you do have to buy a ticket for the accompanying adults though. They have a fantastic kids program for families… I’ll say it again… it is absolutely free. You can download the entire Winter Wonders 2016 Programme on the Kirstenbosch website.


se7en-22-Jun-16-winter wonderland programme 2016 email2-2.jpg

se7en-22-Jun-16-winter wonderland programme 2016 email3-3.jpg

se7en-22-Jun-16-winter wonderland programme 2016 email4-4.jpg

Programme printed with permission of StruikNature.

Thank you to Hippo Communications who have provided me with free entrance to Kirstenbosch, for the duration of the holidays… I will be bringing you a post about the holiday activities later in the week…

Mandela Day at Snow World

That’s us… Hope you all have a fabulous week!!!

6 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #323”

  1. Fantastic links this week, gang! I’m loving following @nataliecreates and that little camper is just the best! Is @alisonchino back instagramming again? I found her through your boos awhile back, but her IG account kind of died… can’t wait to read this blog. And finally, thanks for linking playing by the book. I’ve never heard of it and can’t wait to do some more reading! xo

  2. Oh Zoe, I love your work… you do such a great job for children’s books. And yest that space isn’t it just lovely!!! I think it is time we created a new reading corner again. Hope you have a lovely week!!!

  3. Hay Christi, so glad you loved the links… that camper, that hike… and you will love Playing by the Book!!! Hope you all have a fantastic week…

  4. Thanks so much for including our art space in your links for this week. Love your blog! I’ve read so much of what you’ve written about Sonlight. Lots of awesome!

  5. Hay Cristi, so lovely that you stopped by and said hi… and that you left such a nice comment. I love your 52 weeks to an organized workspace series, what a fabulous idea. Hope you have a fantastic week!!!

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