Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #334

Well that was Monday… a little recovery from a busy weekend was required as most Mondays do…


Lovely Links from This Week

  1. A lot of you will know that NaNoRiMo starts next month, but did you know that there is a children’s version of NaNoWriMo. If you live with a young aspiring writer, then you have to take a look at their website this week so that you can be ready to begin next week.
  2. Earlier this year we joined the Read the World Book Club, with Simple Homeschool… and here you can read the whole series in one fabulous spot.
  3. How Awesome Adulting Impacts Your Homeschool on the Homeschool Sisters site.
  4. I absolutely love these Giant Stamp Postcards with Printables… on My Poppet Makes.
  5. So thrilled that one of our Posts was Linked to on the Simple Homeschool Weekly links,
  6. And another post was linked to at Life Your Way’s Weekend Reading… So cool!!!
  7. More to love, as I followed the magical Just so Festival in the UK recently, well look at these beautiful lanterns that Nuture Store Posted…
  8. I am loving all the Autumn online and would you look at how beautiful and easy it is to preserve Autumn colours with wax, on Time to Craft.

A Blast From the Past:


Our Book of the Week:

Here I Stand: Stories that speak for Freedom by Amnesty International: This book landed on my desk last week, in the middle of a busy day… and I just opened the cover and started reading… the whole way through, right there and then. Compelling, compelling reading and I have spent days ruminating about the powerful stories that have been collected within the pages of this incredible book. Amnesty International, together with Walker Books UK have compiled a collection of stories from twenty five exceptional children’s authors and illustrators… like Francis Hardinge, Neil Gaiman, Elizabeth Laird to name just three. The stories are written to raise awareness about the injustices that occur in the world… this is a book about Human Rights, or the lack thereof. Some of these stories cover really difficult topics and this isn’t a book I would leave on the coffee table for my younger children to pick up and read. But certainly it is packed with compelling and thought provoking writing for my teens to read. This book will provoke you out of your comfort zone and certainly, you will not be able to idly stand by and watch injustice on the evening news ever again… you will need to make a difference, somewhere, somehow. This is the sort of book that you can dip into and read slowly, take your time to digest it… but honestly I just could not put it down. A difficult topic, well lots of difficult topics handled with understanding. I loved this book, it is a moving collection of stories, that have been gathered together to provoke us into thinking and more than that, into action. Thank you so much to PanMacmillan South Africa for the copy of this book for review purposes.

That’s us… Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!!

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