Se7en Visits the Saucisse Deli Showcase…

There are few things that say weekend better than a visit to the deli and looking for little delights and treats to eat and one of our favourite family meals is definitely a deli picnic with some crispy sticks of bread and little bits of delightful tastes to try on them. Last week I was invited to the Saucisse Deli Showcase, which is an invitation to meet the folks behind the flavours they serve in their store… one of those events that I just couldn’t miss.


There is so much to love about the Saucisse Deli, I met the owner/chef on a trip to Zambia with Greenpop and her attitude to good, healthy and especially tasty food is inspiring. If you are trying to introduce your kids to real food, or you are trying to rearrange your diet and go vegan, or gluten free or whatever… then this is the deli that can help you, they literally have something delicious for everyone. Not only that, they go the extra mile to support local foodies, and Cape Town has a lot of those, think local products, free-range, fair trade and then eco-friendly as well… bio-friendly packaging and recycling, eco-friendly cleaning products, the list goes on. If ever there was a deli then this is actually the one!!!


Not to mention they fully embrace Green Mondays and you can head over there for a totally green breakfast, lunch, whatever feast on any Monday. And if you think that sounds alarmingly like you have to eat a lettuce leaf on Mondays, then you are totally wrong… platters of carefully thought out and creative feasts… gotta love it!!!


I hive of activity and dozens of flavours to test and taste… of course I understand that our readers couldn’t join us… so I happy tasted everything for you… as one does!!!


Let’s Meet the Saucisse Deli Supply Team


The Cape of Good Hope Honey Company: Welcome to honey heaven… Honey collected locally from hives in the South Western Cape. The honey is raw, which means they are never heated above 38 degrees Celsius. I tried the Honeys of Origin, from the different regions and so from different plant groups in the area, honey from places like Cape Agulhas, Grabouw and Riviersondend. Each flavour feels like you are going on a little road trip and visiting the area.


Otherwise, they have gourmet blended honeys… these are honestly, royal treatment honeys: blended with vanilla or coffee and even cinnamon. Not only do these honeys look beautiful, but we are redefining toast here. I may never want to eat a pancake without cinnamon blended honey again. Delicious. Look out for these honeys in their distinctive glass jars.


Chilli-Lingo: From the home of chilli lovers, our kids are huge fans of the chilli-lingo range. I have to say, I am not quite as gung-ho as my kids when it comes to chilli but these sauces are great, not so much about the sweltering heat but all about the flavour. Their hot sauce was recently awarded second place at the World Hot Sauce Awards, that’s an outstanding achievement. The chillies are organically grown on a farm in Botrivier, using companion planting to protect their plants from invasive little critters. The sauces are gluten free and no artificial “anythings” in them.


And they have recently branched out into the mustard business, and these flavours could well redefine the sandwich industry…


African Infused Gourmet Foods: It was lovely to meet fresh and exciting range of Pestos from African Infused. I have a nut allergy, so meh… but there was a jar of Coriander and Coconut pesto that I could take home for the father person and he has raved about it ever since. They have gone the extra mile to source fabulous and interesting ingredients and made delicious and different combinations. All their products are handmade in Stanford with no artificial baddies in them and no added sugar. Tasty treats to add to your picnic, for the win!!!


Pierre’s Cured Meats: I met Pierre’s at last year’s Showcase and I was quite happy to try everything here again… this is literally the world tour of lovingly made sausages. I was thrilled to take a piece of sausage home in my goodie bag to savour!!! (You can find Pierre’s Charcuterie on Facebook).



Mr Pukkah’s Sauces: Mild Green Habanero and Extra Hot Habanero, as well as Peri-Peri Sauce… lip smacking delicious, a bit of a flavour riot in your mouth… with a zing. Delicious. And along with the big taste these sauces are sugar and gluten free and for most of us, that’s a win.


Macadamia Nut Oil: With a nut allergy, I didn’t linger long here only to notice all the amazing benefits of macadamia oil. Just to say, this is something different and if you are looking for macadamia oil, then you can find it at Saucisse Deli.



Afrikoa: After the heat, try something sweet… Well here was a product that everyone loves, you just can’t argue with fine chocolate. While I was nibbling on far more chocolate bits than is actually polite, I got to hear the interesting back story as well. This chocolate is special, the cocoa sourced in the heart of Tanzania, and it is more than a product it is a relationship with the farmers and his family.


The farmers have been taught good business practices, they have been shown how to get their product from their remote farm to the chocolatier in Cape Town and the chocolate is fresh, “hot off the press” so to speak. This chocolate ticks all the right social conscience boxes, and is not packed with additives and oddities, you get what you see… and it tastes fantastic. Read their story, it’s a good one and look out for their striking packaging. If you are going to be gifting chocolate anytime soon, then this would be an extra special slab to look out for.


The Flying Pig Curesmiths: What is a fabulous deli without some beautiful bacon… and these guys sure know how to make their bacon and their flavour filled sausages. This team creates slow cured meats with traditional recipes from around the world… they carefully source their materials and have created some exceptional flavours.


The Goody Bag: We got to take home a fabulous goody bag, packed with little treats and surprises for a midnight feast!!!


So if you are ever looking for an instant snack or to pack a picnic basket then look no further than the Saucisse Deli at the Old Biscuit Mill… they will be able to cater for you what ever you dietary requirements are… vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, sugar free… you name it they have it.


Huge thank you to Saucisse Deli for a wonderful evening and a fabulous goodie bag that we all enjoyed, what a fantastic event.This was not a sponsored post and the opinions expressed are all entirely my own.

Saucisse Deli ShowCase


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