The Year That Was… 2016

We wanted to wish all our readers a wonderful New Year. Just taking a pause and looking back at 2016 and wishing you all the best for 2017… Thank you for following along on our journey and thank you all for taking the time to stop by and leave comments and enrich our lives so much. Thank you…

Photo Credit to Marike Herselman Photography

This was the year where everybody just shot up, there was a lot of growing and growing up, for all of us… I think it was the year that I paused for a moment and noticed just how the whole gang seems to be so much bigger than a collection of little people they once were. They are all emerging into a gang of note. And as usual the over-riding love we have for our children has continue to surprise me… it surprised me as each of them were born and it continues to surprise me … as they grow up and emerge into crazy fun people that I just want to hang around and spend time with all day.

Photo Credit to Marike Herselman Photography

We read through copious amounts of books… The mental list of books that I really wanted to read to my kids before they are all grown up and gone was vast and between me and audible we conquered a lot of it. Otherwise, we hiked higher and further than ever before… exploring further afield than the mountain in our back yard. Goals, we had a few and conquered them… my biggest goal for the year was REST… and I did. I took days off, I blogged a little less, I read a lot more and I breathed more deeply…

And for the Hoods…

Hood 1: There was reading, lego, photography and flying through a year of college…

Hood 2: There was reading, hiking and masses of computering…

se7en - 090416 - 2756.jpg
Hood 3: There was reading, hiking, photography and baking…

Hood 4: There was reading, hiking and running…

Hood 5: There was reading, hiking and the great outdoors…

Hood 6: There was reading, hiking and glittery art daily…

se7en - 150116 - 9992.jpg
Hood 7: There was reading, hiking and story writing…

Hood 8: There was reading, hiking and well everything…

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