Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post… #348

You know you have found your rhythm for the year, yes we are late starters, when you manage to organise an unplugged day to totally unplug and dash off into the wilds for a day… rock pooling and hiking and off the beaten track. It is soul refreshing…


Otherwise, this was the week that I guest blogged around the web… Not only did we launch our new Library Project for Book Giving Day… but I blogged the story of our project, how it has grown and changed and how we put our library project together over on the Book Giving Day site. Our goal for this year is to provide these kids, in fact over a thousand kids with books for a library, I believe we can!!!


And huge news… I started a totally new exercise programme with the Sport Science Institute of South Africa, and I am blogging my journey on their site…

se7en-27-May-11-SSISA LOGO_NEW-1.jpg

Lovely Links from This Week

  1. These little Napkin Dolls on Krokatak… aren’t these darling… we are going to have to make some of those
  2. Free OutDoor Mag…
  3. I think we need to make some origami dragons… on Time to Craft…
  4. Family Walks and How to Display all those treasures on Babyccino’s Kids…
  5. Summer Inspiration with PoppyTalk and IKEA’s 2017 Collection.
  6. Looking for pages of great outdoor inspiration…Getting Active Outdoors…
  7. And we love Around the World Food, with Children Just Like Me… And if you want to make your on children just like me page… follow this link.


This Week’s Highlights

Reading Myself: Don’t even ask why I have never read this before, but in my year of reading books that I want to read… I saw this one and it was all shiny and new in the library. Gotta say, I am loving it and could well turn it into a family reader a loud.

Family Reading A-Loud: It has been almost two years of reading this, but we are finally getting to the end of it… we have about five pages to go. It has been a fantastic journey through time… loved it all the way!!!

Listening: I read these books for review as they came out… one by one by one… they are fat, they are historical and I loved them. But, I always wanted the chance to read them all at once and not have to wait the year in-between as they were written. So I started this the other day and what I thought would take weeks to get through I have been flying through at every available opportunity!!!

Watching with the Kids: Watched this movie with my younger kids this evening, and they loved it. Scary in the best kind of way… three children move into their old aunt’s home and discover a parallel world full of goblins and fairies and well, magic. It is quite an adventure and a wild crazy race against time… there is treasure and excitement and what more could you ask for. I wouldn’t recommend it for little children, but certainly age 7 and up enjoyed it.


Watching Myself: Not a thing, I have been way too busy to be watching anything. But Waves for Water has a movie night tonight at the Blue Bird Garage…

A Blast From the Past:

That’s us… Hope you are all have a fabulous week!!!


4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post… #348”

  1. I loved your post on the SSI blog. How are you coping this week?

    I actually need a personal trainer again – to kick my butt into gear. I just want another month or two to recover financially from the house buying (when I say that, people say “oh have you just bought a house?” and I say, “well, 8 months ago…”

  2. Hay Marcia, thanks… you are so great!!! And I totally get what you mean by “I just bought a house”… Also, I think when it is cooler and you get your Autumn, Winter cooler weather… you will get your mojo back and back into gear. It’s not like you left it lying around for goodness knows how long!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  3. Totally loved your dragons, Cheryl… I am sure I have some wanna be dragon makers over here… Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

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