Se7en Go Rock Pooling at DaleBrook with Creative Nature…

We haven’t been rock pooling at Dale Brook for the longest time, so when the fun folks from Creative Nature invited us to their book launch and to a morning of rock pooling we jumped at the chance.


A couple of weeks back we posted a review of these wonderfully locally created colouring books and on Sunday it was the chance for the book “Seashore” to be launched… the fabulous thing about these books is that they are filled with facts about local treasures that can all be found locally.

The Author Illustrator Team: Kate Muller and Aaniyah Omardien


There was a poetry reading from the book, because all the the facts are presented as poems. And it was possibly the liveliest poetry reading I have ever been too.


These are fabulous books look out for them.


I AM Water

We have been avid fans of the I Am Water Campaign since we heard about them when Sylvia Earle visited a couple of years back and so I was especially thrilled to meet founder Hanli Prinsloo, and her wonderful team of ocean loving workers.


We did not even know that they had a show case store in the heart of Kalk Bay, where you can buy all things ocean… The Ocean Deck & Shop, 55 Main Road Kalk Bay.




The Rock Pooling

In our family folk take rock pooling seriously, they like conditions to be just right and this past weekend it helped that it was spring low tide and we could walk out far further than usual. Conditions were right and we had a number of world class scientists to teach us about the wonderful discoveries that we were finding.




Ocean Treasures

An ocean garden with every kind of kelp…


And every kind of treasure…


From mini-stars…


To giant stars…


And the Hero of the day was definitely this beautiful octopus…


Photos from the Day

Rock Pooling at Dale Brook

Thank you to Creative Nature for inviting us to your wonderful book launch. This is not a sponsored post, we were not paid to write it and opinions expressed are all our own.

4 Replies to “Se7en Go Rock Pooling at DaleBrook with Creative Nature…”

  1. What a fun opportunity! We’ve only been rock pooling a few times… and while we did find sea urchins, the rest of our finds were nothing like these!

  2. What is rock pooling?

    Those finds… absolutely lovely though I’m too squirmishnand would run away if I saw most of them in person

  3. Hay MrsFF, Rock pooling is heading for the rock pools, with the specific intention of finding interesting things to look at and exploring a whole new underwater world. I guess growing up at the seaside means that it is one of our kids favourite things to do. And isn’t that the truth, some of the things they find are nice from far!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  4. Hay Christi, I always thought there wasn’t much to find in False Bay, which is a fairly busy recreational piece of ocean, turns out it is packed and every time we intentionally go looking, the kids find a world of interesting treasures to look at. Hope you have a fabulous weekend…

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