Quickest Easiest Desserts in the World…

Summertime and my go to dessert is watermelon, it feeds a crowd and brings joy to any gathering. Sometimes though, you need a little more… It really is the season for tons of drop in friends and visitors popping over for dinner… and the truth is we want to spend our evenings on the beach. So in order to keep everyone happy all of the time I have been making these very quick and easy recipes over the summer, that I got from a friend I bumped into.

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Quickest Easiest Cheesecake Ever


With just three ingredients:

  1. 1 Packet of Tennis Biscuits
  2. 1 tub of Lemon Merengue Full Cream Yogurt (decadent and to die for).
  3. 1 can of Condensed Milk.


Step 1: Crush the tennis biscuits in a bowl.


Step 2: In a separate bowl mix the condense milk and yogurt together.


Step 3: Place your crushed biscuits in a layer in a serving dish.


Step 4: Put your layer of yogurt/condensed milk mixture on top of the crushed biscuits.


Step 5: Bake your cheesecake in the microwave for five minutes.
Step 6: Once your cheesecake has cooled down place it in the fridge overnight.
Step 7: You can make this just hours before, but overnight is supposed to be better. Never happened here though!!!


Quickest Easiest Chocolate Mousse Ever


With just three ingredients:

  1. 200 g of broken chocolate pieces
  2. 300 g of marshmallows
  3. 2 cans of evaporated milk… (One of the cans needs to be chilled).


Step 1: Pop the marshmallows and chocolate bits together into a bowl, with a can of evaporated milk.


Step 2: Slowly warm it through in the microwave to melt the mixture together.


Step 3: Whisk your chilled can of evaporated milk until it is bubbly and stiff.


Step 3: Mix the two mixtures together carefully and pop into the fridge to set.


That’s it!!! Really!!!


4 Replies to “Quickest Easiest Desserts in the World…”

  1. Sorry this is off topic, but I couldn’t get the contact form to work for me.

    Hello! I have been reading and reading your blog, especially the Sonlight posts. I do think this quote might be my favorite homeschooling wisdom ever: “The time has come the walrus said, for homeschoolers to stop fretting about every move they make… and just start doing the school they believe in.” And so, I do want to jump into Sonlight for my daughters, but I’m unclear as to whether you use their full packages? Do you recommend their Language Arts, for example? They seem to get mixed reviews. I did read that you enjoy Winston Grammar. Lovely stories you’re sharing, and I’m really learning a lot! Many thanks, Tracie

  2. Hay Tracie, Great question… We are Sonlighter’s all the way and do their full package each year with each kid. That being said the language arts we only physically do until about half way through highschool, after which my kids have enough knowledge and romp their school leavers certificates and concentrate a lot more on their passions and getting work experience. Otherwise… the Language arts is not trivial and there is a lot to learn, we don’t LEARN it per-se, we get exposure to it. I never expect rote learning, I concentrate on covering the work and exposing them to the new ideas, that the curriculum builds upon and repeats year after year. Not all school has to be fun, and I’ll be honest language arts is not my kids’ favorite, so I go the extra mile and over and above their language arts I make sure that their writing and story creating is fun. I hope that helps a little bit… feel free to ask more homeschooling questions… I love answering them!!!

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