Introducing the Start Homeschooling Summit…

February crept up on me… and I am so glad it has because I have been working on a great big project that I had to wait until today to share with you. I began the year with lots of good intentions of blogging and social media-ing… but then I got caught up in this project, that I know tons of our readers are going to love.

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Towards the end of last year a friend of a friend of mine invited me to be part of the Start Home Schooling Summit, a Homeschooling Conference that you can attend online, wait for it… in your own home. Perfect for moms of little folk who can’t get out… a whole lot of homeschooling magic will be brought to your screen and it is all freely available during the conference. This is huge folks, for myself because I had to step right out of my comfort zone behind the screen and put myself… in front of the screen… a forty five minute workshop and a pdf resource to go with it on “How to World School from your Kitchen Table.” It was so good for me to try something new… and it was better for you all… because now I can tell you all about the Start Homeschooling Summit… it’s online and you can all join in for FREE. Gotta love tons of free resources, from homeschooling moms who have been there and are answering all your questions on how to do this and how to do that…


This is how it works… you sign up anytime soon, with just your email address and then the Start Homeschooling Summit runs from the 19-24 February. During that time their will be 34 fantastic homeschooling workshops that you can attend for free… and you will receive the workshops downloads as well. If you can’t make it at that time, then for a paid upgrade you can receive the entire summit and watch it yourself again and again. But if you watch it on the day it is absolutely free, and you can watch it multiple times on the day… worth it… I really think so!!!

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Here is a peak at the line-up… and the fabulous speakers

    On Getting Started

  • Deschool Before You Homeschool for the Strongest Start by Belinda Letchford
  • Homeschooling – Getting Past the Fear by Beverly Burgess
  • Making the Decision to Homeschool by Kathy Lee Eggers
  • Styles and Approaches to Homeschooling

  • Learning in the Real World: How to Help it Thrive by Pam Laricchia
  • How to Add Fun to Your Homeschool (Even if You Aren’t a Fun Mom) by Amy Milcic
  • Year Round Homeschooling – Is it Right for You? by Elizabeth Campbell
  • 9 Essentials of a Charlotte Mason Education for the Early Years by Meghann Dibrell
  • An Educating Life: The Simple Plan for an Engaging Homeschool by Bethany Ishee
  • Homeschooling with Unit Studies by Cindy West
  • Why You Need a Morning Basket – and How to Make It the Heart of Your Homeschool by Sara Jordan Panning
  • Self-Directed Education and the Future of Learning by Kerry McDonald
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    The Great Tech Debate

  • Why every family should have unlimited video games by Penelope Trunk
  • Low-tech Homeschooling by Kelly George
  • Demystifying homeschooling subjects

  • How to Make Language Arts Fun Whatever Your Curriculum by Dr Malanie Wilson
  • Science For Moms Who Don’t Like Science by Kendra Fletcher
  • Creating a Culture of Writers at Home by Ginny Kochis
  • Active Maths by Tamara Kelly
  • World Schooling from Home by Se7en
  • Instilling Character Into Your Children by Kathie Morrisey
  • Introducing Children to the Wonderful World of Nature Studies by Kirstee Lee Raki
  • How to Homeschool Science with Mulitiple Ages by Kim Santee
  • Art with Heart: creating an intentional and meaningful art practice by Lotus Stewart
  • Choosing Curriculum by Kendra Fletcher
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    Getting it all done – even in Special Situations

  • Creating Balance, Preserving Sanity by Erin Hassett
  • How to balance it all as a homeschooling mum by Shannon Young
  • Frustrated and stressed (and maybe a little angry) by Kathie Morrisey
  • Stress Less with Systems and Routines by Andrea Townsley
  • How will I homeschool my older kids when the baby comes? by Adele Jarrett-Kerr
  • Challenges and Struggles – Helping Our Children When Learning is Hard by Kely Sage
  • Conflict Resolution Skills You Must Teach Your Children by Melanie Wilson
  • Gifted and Twice Exceptional Homeschooling: Raising, Teaching, and Loving Your Poppy by Ginny Kochis
  • Starting at the end – homeschooling teens

  • A Road Map for High School: Creating a 4-Year Plan by Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau
  • Homeschooling Science in the Teen Years by Kim Santee

Go ahead and mark those dates on the calendar… and sign up here. This is going to be great, I am hoping to learn a lot myself. I think, with just a glance at the list of presentations, that you can see there is lots for homeschoolers of all ages and stages to learn here… it is going to be great and inspiring and just the boost of encouragement that homeschoolers everywhere need.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate member for the workshop, so a percentage of the sales made through my website will accrue to me. And I do want to stress that over the time period of the conference the materials are free to everyone, for a forty-eight hour time period, for those who sign up beforehand. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments.

9 Replies to “Introducing the Start Homeschooling Summit…”

  1. Hay Marcia, I can’t wait for this workshop to launch… it was a ton of work and very steep learning curve. So glad I have done it, I love learning new skills!!! I really hope this flies… it is going to be a lot of fun for families, not just homeschoolers!!!

  2. This summit looks awesome!!! I can’t wait…going to sign up this evening. Looking so forward to your presentation….well done for taking it on!!

  3. Se7en, I loved your presentation on Worldschooling from your Kitchen Table! My kids have always had a world map on their bedroom wall that we reference all the time…but we have NEVER written on it. What a fabulous idea! Next time your family ‘travels’ to Alaska, we’d love to visit. I think we may be ‘visiting’ South Africa soon, too… 🙂

  4. Hay Cathy, how lovely of you to stop by and say hello… I am so thrilled to hear you enjoyed the workshop, it is so fantastic to get feedback!!! If you are looking for everyday life in the great outdoors that Cape Town has to offer then take a peak at our instagram feed: @se7en-hoods Meanwhile, Alaska is about as far as we could go… wonderful!!! We will be sending you some summer sunshine soon… Have a great week!!!

  5. Hay Carla, It was great fun putting a workshop together… Huge learning curve. Huge!!! But so worth it, I am quite inspired to create more of the same thing!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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