Crafty Gifts from Jane Bull And It’s a GiveAway…

It has been a little cold for us summer-loving folk in Cape Town, and we have been hibernating… everybody here is busy with a project of their own, or reading under blankets and I thought I would take this moment to share a GiveAway with you all that has been sitting on my desk waiting for the right moment. We are huge fans of Jane Bull, and have collected her crafty books from Dorling Kindersley for years… they are bright, they are fun and full of projects that need minimal adult intervention. I know I can leave a book like this on the coffee table and in a moment it will be being used for some sort of making project!!!

Crafty Gifts by Jane Bull


This colourful book is inspiration packed… I firmly believe that while children love giving gifts, and they especially like giving they have made, they need to be really giftable items. To ensure that our poor grannies don’t get yet another toilet roll picture frame for their birthday or just another bookmark, I like to leave inspiration lying out for my kids from there…

Immediately, they dived in and got to work… starting with really easy to follow paper projects…

And of course glitter…

Dozens of projects to try, with various layers of difficulty… so little hands can get just as involved as older children… and by far the most popular project of all was the Salt Dough Modelling…

The easiest recipe in the world… For the nicest texture dough…
se7en-07-Mar-18-IMG_7517 2

And my kids have been making it themselves ever since…

Because there is something lovely about the texture of this dough and it is great for making all sorts of things…

And keeping little hands busy…
se7en-07-Mar-18-IMG_7575 2

You can get the salt dough recipe and have a look inside the book on the DK Books website…


This book doesn’t just have gift ideas, it also has gift wrapping and card making ideas… some of the ideas are super quick, for those last minute “oops, I totally forgot I needed a gift” moments, and other ideas are going to take a little longer… because some gifts need to be made in advance with lots of preplanning and care.

GiveAway Time

Our GiveAways are open to everyone: Just leave a comment below… before 31 August 2018. If you have won a GiveAway before never fear – enter away. If you live on the far side of the world – enter away. Postage takes forever from here but eventually it should get to you! Good luck and happy commenting!!!

I would really like to thank Penguin Random House South Africa for providing us with a copy of the book to review. We would like to declare that this is not a sponsored post and all the opinions are as usual, entirely our own.

17 Replies to “Crafty Gifts from Jane Bull And It’s a GiveAway…”

  1. Thank your for such wonderful inspiration! I started homeschooling my children this year, it’s been such a humbling, awesome experience. I wish I had started earlier….

  2. Oh boy, this looks awesome!! Pinterest is cool, but there is something about craft ideas being in a book to page through and be inspired by that is just brilliant.

  3. This is the neatest book! I can definitely see making all the projects with my young friends.

  4. My fingers started itching just reading this post! Sounds and looks like an amazing book!

  5. My little girl loves spending hours figuring out crafts. Maybe i should buy this book if i don’t win

  6. We love DK books and this looks like another great one to add to our library. Hoping we get lucky!

  7. I am always wondering what to do to keep my little ones busy and this book seems to have the answers!

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