Birthday Season at the House of Se7en…

So we have been ridiculously busy lately, and that is even before we head into the busy end of year season… I have been dying for even a moment of time with all my kids… just as they are… in the great outdoors.


So blue skies, ice-cream and a mini-beach day with this gang was my birthday treat today… It worked. That and coffee with friends and my happiness bucket is full. I love how the Hoods all made the effort to be home today. Your kids will grow up and all be busy with different things, and they will still make time for the important things like hanging out together and making sure they are home for family institutions like birthday ice-cream.

Enjoy the weekend and we will see you on the other side…

4 Replies to “Birthday Season at the House of Se7en…”

  1. Thank you so much Ruby… it really is mad birthday season over here… two birthdays to go this week and then we are done for the year!!! Have a fabulous weekend… we are nearly there!!!

  2. Thank you Erin, it has been so crazy busy over here that I haven’t even opened my lap top this week… what a lovely surprise to find your comment. Thanks so much, and have a lovely day!!!

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