Happy Brilliant Belated Birthday to Hood 5…

And for the first time ever, we celebrated a birthday while being away… Hood 5 had a birthday while we were hiking our way through the Karoo. Gotta say, how did we manage that, with ten birthdays a year. In fact when it comes to birthdays, we are in that sweet spot where everyone has had their’s for the year and we realised that we have celebrated: 21 + 19 + 17 + 15 + 14 + 12 + 10 + 9 = 117 kids’ birthdays… that’s a whole lot of birthdays and no wonder our celebrations are ridiculously simple!!!


This is a kid that works his way to the top…

He enjoys the view from up there…

Always, always ready to lend a helping hand…

To whoever needs a helping hand…

Loves everything to do with hiking… and the great outdoors…

Not afraid to get dirty…

Or go racing through the wilds…

Has done bazillions of Beach Cleanups…

He is always the first one in the water and the very last one out…

Leaping into fourteen… Hope you have the best year ever!!!

Happy Brilliant Birthday




The Celebrity Chef’s Recipe Collection.

And that’s a wrap for birthday season 2018!!!

2 Replies to “Happy Brilliant Belated Birthday to Hood 5…”

  1. Happy belated birthday to the celebrity chef!

    I’m kind of shocked/ horrified at the 117 kids’ birthdays… It’s scary seeing that number like that. I’m going to give it to my kids for Maths practice 🙂

  2. Thank you Marcia, and yup… its a thing, that I hadn’t really thought about before!!! Just a little crazy isn’t it!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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